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8 Tips For Keeping Dyed Hair Vibrant & Bright

8 Tips For Keeping Dyed Hair Vibrant & Bright

 Nothing like have a brand new hairdo and having the color fade out immediately.  Want to learn how to keep the color?  Hair dying is something some people do once a year and others every few months.  Red colors fade quicker than browns, blacks and blonds due to  its large color molecule.  Besides redying often, there are some tips from hair dressers and other people that regularly dye their hair on how to keep the colors vibrant, bright and to reduce fading.

hair dye

  1. When you dye your hair, dye it when it is dirty.  Yes, crazy, but clean hair does not hold the dye as well.
  2. Wash your hair less.  By reducing the frequency of washing it will reduce the color being rinsed out.
  3. When you wash your hair use shampoo less.  Either just wash with water or use conditioner and not shampoo (I do this to rinse and detangle my hair).  You can even try dry shampoos for in between showers.
  4. By shampoo and conditioners that are Sulfate-free. I like Soapbox products that are color-safe and Paraben-free and have yummy coconut scents.
  5. Wash hair in cold water.
  6. Reduce amount of heat to hair by blowdrying less and let hair dry naturally or towel dry.
  7. After you color your hair don’t wash it for 24 to 48 hours.  This will help the dye set better and last longer.
  8. Use a shampoo for colored hair. If you use ones with colored pigment in them they will help keep the color fresh.

hair dye For me, I dye my hair to cover the grays the like to come in on my hair line and drive me up the wall!hair dye

Don’t forget not all hair products are created equal.  It is important to buy quality dyes that do not burn or dry out your hair.  I like buying my hair dye, gloves, developer and reusable bottle at a beauty supply store.  They have great prices and employees that are familiar with hair products and how they are used.  If you aren’t good at coloring your own hair, go to a salon and get it done and then learn how to do touch-ups.  I also like to use Gray Magic (I added a few drops in the bottle with the dye and developer).  It helps color over gray hairs and keep the dyed hair color bright and long lasting.


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