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5 Great Meal Ideas For Diabetics

5 Great Meal Ideas For Diabetics

Being diabetic can be challenging.  Trying to have flavorful food that is healthy and low-carb isn’t always easy.  Especially when you have a family that isn’t diabetic.  I try to add a salad to lunch and dinners to add extra greens (and vegetables really helps my blood sugar stay low), walk every day and I also love finding new low-carb recipes, especially if they are something the kids will eat too.  Check out these ideas to help out with daily meals.  You can also check out Nootropic for the Top 5 Supplements list for good health.

I like having eggs (lots of protein and no carbs) and if I don’t have time than I have Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt (only 9 carbs) with some flax seeds and a sprinkle of Viki’s Granola.  The granola adds some texture and is made with whole grains.

viki's granola


I love the new trending recipes that have cauliflower in them instead of flour.  I tried the pizzas from Caulipower and they are amazing!  I seriously could not tell it was not a regular flour crust.  Not only that, a regular cheese pizza is only 37 carbs for 1/2 of a pizza.  Choose from Margherita, veggie, three-cheese or plain crust (my daughter made a tofu pizza with the plain crust one).  All of them taste great.  My son even had seconds.  I love that I can have pizza and not worry about having a huge amount of carbs!  Check out my round up of Cauliflower Recipes for other great ideas!


cauliflower pizza

The tofu one was definitely different but was still good.  I liked the pre-made ones that I could just throw in the oven.


When making meals with flour replace with Almond Flour or Banana Flour.  Both are lower in carbs and a health, gluten-free alternative to wheat.  The flour can be used inside of recipes, like quiche or for a shake-and-bake meal.  They can also be used to replace wheat flour in desserts.  They are made by Pereg Foods and are all Kosher.

Snacks, Drinks & Desserts:

1- Add cinnamon.  A dash in oatmeal, tea, on top of pudding, etc.  Cinnamon is known for reducing blood sugar levels.

2- Replace your regular sugar with Pyure.  It is organic Stevia sweetener and comes in resealable bags, packets, powder form, liquid and a stevia blend of granular sweetener.  They are all 0-2 carbs per 1/2 tsp and really sweeten up a drink or dessert without all the extra carbs.

3-Have drinks that are low in carbs or have zero carbs.  Water is always the first choice.  Soda isn’t good for anyone, even if it is diet soda.



I really like having dessert but it isn’t good for my blood sugar.  Especially ice cream!  I found a nice substitute is Sunday Cats!  They are small frozen containers that are organic, hydrate and come in delicious flavors. With natural ingredients like pineapple juice, apple juice, coconut water, etc.  Each one is 5-8 carbs (not bad for a whole dessert, right?) and the come in flavors like Watermelon, Pineapple and Strawberry Lemonade.

sunday cats freezies



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