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10 Ways To Quit Smoking This Summer

10 Ways To Quit Smoking This Summer


quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes is not healthy.  We all know this (or are in denial).  It is not new news.  However it is clearly an addiction and not as easy for some to quit as others.  I’ve meet people that have been smoking 20-30-40+ years.  It is a big part of their life and quitting is something that many fail at.  Here are a few tips and ideas that have helped others and I hope anyone wanting to quit finds support from friends and loved ones and are successful.


  1. Cold turkey isn’t good for most.  Try a step down from cigarettes and try The Cue Vapor System.  It is a vape system with pre-filled cartridges.  You can charge it and take it on the go.  The e-liquid cartridges come in different milligrams so you can start where you are comfortable and reduce the number as you go.  The Cue is not for sale to minors and does contain nicotine, an addictive chemical.

  2. Get the app.  There are free apps, in the App Store or Google Play where you can get help and online support as well as a check off on how many days you are tobacco-free.  My Last Cigarette and MyQuitCoach are two that are popular and have good ratings.
  3. Find alternative habits.  Chewing gum helps with some people.  If you have a ten-minute break at work when you would normally smoke do something else, like go for a walk or find a good book to read.
  4. Recruit your friends in moral support.  Make sure they are on your team and help you out.  If you have friends that smoke, ask them to not smoke around you.
  5. Join a gym.  Focus on good health and other positive changes you can make in your life.
  6. Save the money!  Figure out how much you are normally spending weekly on cigarettes and put the money in a clear jar on your kitchen table.  Add to it each week.  Make a goal.  Like, in 6-months you will spend the money on a vacation.
  7. Avoid alcohol and other triggers.  Especially in the beginning.
  8. Brush your teeth after meals.  That clean, minty feeling will detour you from wanting a cigarette.
  9. Don’t give up.  If you slip and have a cigarette you can still quit again.  Start now.  Don’t wait until Monday.
  10. Throw away all ash trash, any cigarette packets and any lighters in your house.  Out of sight, out of mind.

quit smoking with cue

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