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Happy Expecting A Baby Time

Happy Expecting A Baby Time

From the time you know.  The line on the stick.  A text from your best friend.  You sister sending you a notice across the states.  From the time you know a baby is on the way.  Whether in your house, across town, or across the world.  From the time you know your mind starts thinking of things that are needed.  Baby things.  Especially for first time parents.  It is an exciting time to be expecting a baby.  A time to rejoice and cheer.  There will  be time soon enough for baby games, name guessing, picking out Godparents and more.  But first, some bare basics and sound advice from seasoned parents.  The must haves and don’t needs.  Everything has to be weighted and taken with a grain of salt.  The wanted advice.  The unsolicited opinions.  The gifts you might not ever use.  Here are a few things that you should have or are so cute you’ll just totally want.  That are good to get ahead of time.  Put them on your registry or just purchase them. Because the time will zoom by and pretty soon a newborn will be here.

Before The Baby Is Here

This super cute and adorable stuffed animal holds a photo of the baby ultrasound.  My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is not only super cute for the parents to have, it is also great when there is an older sibling.  One that might be young and unsure if they want a new brother or sister.  This adorable bear records 20 seconds of your baby’s heartbeat. Simply record it during your next ultrasound.   After the baby is born a newborn picture can be added to the bear’s paws.  No worrying about the recording being lost.  The recording stays intact even if the batteries are being replaced.  You can also order it as a panda bear, pig, giraffe, bunny and more.

my baby's heartbeat bear

Start Morning With A Healthy Breakfast

Being pregnant or a new mom means needing to eat healthy and not skip meals.  Sometimes with work, other kids, morning sickness, etc. Making sure you have time to cook a healthy breakfast is hard.  I found these awesome pre-made breakfast omelettes by Cedarlane Foods.  These are all natural, gluten-free, low carb, high protein and easy to pop in the microwave or conventional and eat.  Each one contains egg whites, cheese, veggies and seasoning.  They are made in Sunny California and each one is a single-serve container.  Not only are these great ideas for pregnant moms, but they are also great for moms with a newborn baby!  Sometimes there is so much in taking care of an infant and trying to survive with less sleep that a new mom doesn’t have time to cook and prepare food and keep up with the dishes.  These read-to-cook omelettes are a perfect solution.

Other flavors include:

Garden Vegetable & Mozzarella Egg White Omelette


Egg White Omelette With Spinach

2016-08-04 20.57.19-2

Fashion & Baby Aid

Mom and baby alike can wear amber jewerly to help with teething, sleeping problems, baby grumpiness, eczema, GERD and more.  While these awesome hazelwood necklaces and bracelets are recommended for ages 3+ (and come in adult sizes) I’ve seen mothers have them on children younger as long the children were supervised while wearing them.  These that I received are Hazelwood necklace and bracelet set with amber. I love how beautifully they are made and enjoy seeing them more and more on children.  Hazelaid has awesome amber jewerly for all ages.  Here is the set I am loving.

2016-08-13 16.57.31 Get A GOOD Baby Monitor

Having a monitor is important.  Not only to keep an eye on the sleeping baby but what about the front door?  If you are napping with the baby and get up, have the baby asleep and you are in a different room.  Levana even has an alarm for when it is time to nurse and keeps track of temperatures in the room.   I like how large the screen is so that I can see details clearly, even at night with the special LED night vision.  Extra cameras can be added on if you want one in other rooms of the house at the same time.2016-08-13 16.58.30Protect  Your Skin

If you still want to go camping, barbecues or be outdoors when you are pregnant or have a newborn it is important to have organic bug repellant.  There are so many harmful ingredients you should avoid.  BabyTime by Episencial has Might Shield.  A powder lotion bug repellant that is natural, organic and plant based.
2016-08-13 16.58.52

Personalized Thank You Cards

These note cards from The Stationery Store are so beautiful! I just love them.  I got two types.  One that says my first name (less formal) and one that has my last name (for more formal cards).  These are great for all occasions, the insides are blank.  They can be used as short letters, thank you cards, sending photos to my grandma, etc.  For a pregnant mom, these are great for thank you cards for gifts that have been received.  Note* Do not wait until after the baby is born to do this!  You will have all new priorities and you won’t have time.  Also get extra cards.  Not only will you get gifts at your baby shower but a lot of moms find getting gifts from friends and family when the baby arrives.  Order your stationary now.  Get a roll or two of stamps.  Put your return address on the envelopes.  That way you can do short notes.  ‘Thank you for the _____.  It is adorable.  Can’t wait to use it.  Sincerely, me.’  Just throw it in the envelope and it is ready to mail. 2016-08-13 17.54.43

Meal Plan DURING nap time with this super awesome book.  My kids are too old for naps but I like the ‘make it quick’ idea.  Check out The iHeart Naptime Cookbook.  Over 100 recipes that you can make in less than one hour.  Great for moms with newborns or multiple kids.  From soups to burgers.  Meatballs to caramel popcorn.  Lots of snacks, appetizers and meals all easily made and delicious.


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