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Ways To Create An Easter Basket Hunt For all Ages

Ways To Create An Easter Basket Hunt For all Ages

I love celebrating Easter.  It is my favorite holiday of all times.  My family celebrates it a little different than most.  We have kids in the family from ages from 6-16 and want them all to have fun.  My parents and siblings all gather for a potluck brunch and we decorate and dye hard boiled eggs.  More than 1/2 of my family is vegetarian so I like to bring dishes that everyone can eat.  Having healthy food is good, since after the kids get their baskets they will be eating candy.
Easter basket hunt

 The kids were never raised believing in the Easter Bunny, instead the call my mom Patty Cottontail (the female name for Peter Cottontail that my mom made up).  When the eggs are all decorated the kids will find color-coded Post-It notes on the wall.  Each child has one color.  Each one has a clue on it.  They follow them all around the house and yard, clue-to-clue.  Each child’s clues are easy or hard, depending on age and ability.  Once they find their last clue (there is usually about 5-6 total) they go report to Patty Cottontail to get their basket.  All of the baskets are hidden in the extra bedroom until they kids find that clue.

  1. The easiest way we are able to tell who’s basket is who’s is to make a label and print each child’s name on the basket and handle.  I love Brother’s P-Touch Label Printer.  It has a million uses, especially for homeschooling parents and even comes with different colors of ink. IMG_8693brother's p-touch label printer
  2. We also make sure each kid gets enough eggs and the youngest kids don’t get left out.  We do this by having a certain amount of each color of the plastic eggs (filled with candy) and each kid can only get their color of plastic eggs.
  3. When the kids are hunting for hard boiled eggs there are easy/hard hiding spots.  The eggs that are in clear view or barely visible are for the younger kids.  The older kids have to search a little more, like in tree branches or places they can reach higher.
  4.  Give younger kids a 5 or 10 minute heads start on their egg hunt.
  5. Team up.  Have the older kids help the younger kids.  The buddy system makes it where they are all having fun together.
  6. Have snacks for the adults too (we have adult-only ones, just to be fair).  I love the trail-mix creations by Trixi’s Treasures.  They come in a large variety and are great for everyone.  My favorite is the Lemon Lime Yogurt Pretzel Twists Treasure Mix.  *(They are great for road trips too).  Each bag is 2.8 oz and they have special treat bags for Easter.Trixi's treasures

We also have one lucky golden egg (my sister started this).  Inside this egg is a $1 bill.  They kids are all excited to search for this egg.

Hidden egg in a hanging ornament up high on the awning.  Something for the older kids to reach.

easter egg hunt ideas



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