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Surprising Things That Could Help Your Kids To Develop Faster

Surprising Things That Could Help Your Kids To Develop Faster

Kids tend to develop at their own rate, and you definitely shouldn’t rush them. Just because you know a child who is slightly more advanced than your own, doesn’t mean that they need to hurry up or that they are behind. That being said, the following things could help your kids to develop at a faster pace:

Music Lessons


Giving your child music lessons, even while they are young, can make your kid advance faster in the classroom. Music lessons in their own time can be a brilliant hobby for them, and kids tend to pick up these things faster than adults do.

Music lessons can also help aging – your child doesn’t need to worry about this yet, but it’ll certainly be a bonus when they grow up. They’ll thank you when they look and feel half their age! If you’d like to experience the benefits of feeling younger, maybe you could have lessons together?


2014-11-29 13.12.10



Some people tend to think that you can either be fit or smart, not both. This isn’t true at all! True fitness experts are seriously intelligent, and many can explain the science behind the way the body works. Exercise will improve the part of the brain that focuses on memory and learning by 30%, so you can expect your child to do better at school when they are active. Not only that, kids learn words 20% faster when they are fit. Any sport or exercise will do, but obstacle course planning could be a good choice. As your kids think about their next move, they will be forced to organize their thoughts faster.

 2015-02-25 16.52.15

Getting A Dog

Getting a dog can have a ton of different benefits for children. By getting them to take on certain tasks, such as applying their Frontline flea and tick medication, they’ll feel a sense of responsibility. They’ll also reduce stress, feel happier, and become healthier in general. The benefits are too vast to ignore!

 2016-08-28 15.09.29

Reading With Your Kids

It’s normal to read to your kids, but do you read with your kids? Reading with your kids rather than just letting them look at the pictures is much better for them. This helps them to better build their reading skills and improve literacy, so they should become a whizz at literature in the classroom. They may also improve their spelling, communication, and the list goes on.

basher science

Making Believe

All kids love to make believe, but you should definitely encourage it more. By pretending to be somebody else or making up a play, they must stay in the role of somebody else, which needs flexible thinking as they adapt to situations and different emotions. Make sure you’re enthusiastic about watching the plays they put on for you!

Make sure you encourage your kids to do the things here, and you won’t believe how much it speeds up their development. People might even comment and say that they are advanced for their age. Leave your own thoughts on this below. Come back soon!


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