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Summer Reading Programs & Contests For Kids

Summer Reading Programs & Contests For Kids


Encourage your kids to read with these fun reading incentives.  Earn books and prizes online or your local bookstores.  I’m sure there is more to this list, so please comment if you know of other places having reading programs.  Local libraries often have a reading program too.  Some give prizes by how many hours read.  Other how many books.  If you have a few libraries nearby you can join a few.  Great for reluctant readers and a way to give kids some quiet time during the day and off of multi-media.



  1. The 2017 Summer Reading Adventure by Dogobooks.  Sponsored by Beauty and the Beast.  Runs May 26th-Sept 15th.

Sign-up at and create your avatar!

Select books to read from a Reading List of 45 books

Read books and write reviews of 30 words or more

Win Prizes.



2. Barnes & Noble. Kids grades 1-6th earn a free book. Runs May 16th-September 5th.

The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program is here to help you on your way, encouraging you to read books of your own choosing and earn a FREE book, simply by following these three easy steps:

Read any eight books this summer and record them in your Summer Reading Journal (English or Español). Tell us which part of the book is your favorite, and why.
Bring your completed journal to a Barnes & Noble store.
Choose your FREE reading adventure from the book list featured on the back of the journal.


3. Half Price Books. All ages.  Runs June 1-July 31st.

The Half Price Books is called Feed Your Brain Summer Reading Program.

They have two sections.  Ages 14 and under and Teens.  Read 300 minutes and earn Bookworm Bucks.


4. Scholastic Summer Reading Program works with kids, parents and teachers to earn books.  Runs May 8th- Sept 8th.

Simply go to Scholastic Books and register.  For ages 0-young adult (parents can read to kids that are not able to read).  You have to read from their reading list.


5. Chuck E. Cheese Reading Program. *Runs all year long.

Chuck E. Cheese gives kids 10 free tokens for reading, doing chores and other tasks.  Parents can print reward sheets to fill out.


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