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Snacks For Kids on the Road

Snacks For Kids on the Road

One of the main challenges of traveling with children is to keep them entertained and fed during those long hours on the road. Traveling disrupts everyone’s schedule, and this tendency can have a pronounced effect on children, who may become restless when there is a departure from the usual routine. One obstacle many parents have to face is that multiple children can become hungry at different times. When one child is full, the other one may be hungry. That is one reason why it is important to take along ready-to-eat snacks on the road.

Make It Fun

Feeding kids on a car trip is not just about staving off their hunger from pit stop to pit stop, but it also involves keeping them amused and engaged. Look for foods that combine fun and eating. Make a necklace out of round breakfast cereals or savory snacks with openings. Creates a caterpillar made of grapes and fruit chunks by using wooden skewers. Let your child play with his or her food and create animal or cartoon characters from slices of cheese and fruit. Your child can fun with ingredients, develop a miniature work of art and consume the results. This will keep your child from constantly asking when the next best food stop is.

Keep it Healthy and Frugal

Keep sugar consumption to a minimum when on the road, because sugar and chocolate are notorious for making children hyperactive, and the last thing you need is to have children jumping around in the back while you are driving. Carry small plastic containers of fruits or vegetables and dip. Enjoy mini-bagels with cream cheese and salmon, and store contents in kids lunch boxes that are designed keep foods cool or hot as needed. Your child’s regular school lunch box can do double duty and provide a place to store travel snacks when you go on your next trip.
You don’t want to stretch your budget more than necessary when on the road, and want to avoid wasting money fast food courts or in convenience stores. In addition, you may want your children to avoid the high-fat, high sugar content of snacks at gas stations or fast food stops. Prepare food in advance of your road trip and create appealing offerings that will keep your children full and tempt their taste buds.
Make pastries before heading out by filling ready-made pastry dough with a variety favorite ingredients including mashed potato, ham and cheese, pastrami or mixed vegetables. Cut off the crusts from your bread and roll up your sandwiches like sushi rolls, even for sandwiches that contain peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and cucumber. If you have a knack for baking, prepare plenty of healthy cupcakes, corn muffins, and banana bread before setting out.

lunch box

Plan Ahead

Traveling is a challenge for anyone, and having children in tow requires advance planning and special strategies for a pleasant trip. Bring plenty of things in the car that will keep them occupied, including food that is fun and interesting to eat and that will keep them amused. Children like to interact with food rather than have it simply served to them, and this applies on the road as well as at home. You needn’t take a vacation from healthy eating and fun food when you are on the road, but bring snacks for the whole family inconvenient lunch boxes.


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