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screaming about bills

Just had to moan for a second about too many bills.

1- Just had to have my transmission rebuilt. $1505 for it. I paid $800 and he is letting me pay $100 a month to pay off the rest.

2- $1400 for a root canal and crown. I paid $451 for the root canal work (I’ve had to go back about 4 times but the dentist only charged me for the one apt). I have to get the crown in 3 weeks (waiting to make sure the root canal doesn’t get infected again) and pay over $900 for the crown. Not sure where I’m getting this money from. Will have to try to work out some payment plan with them. The dentist said it was fine but I have to figure out the details with the front desk.

Who knew that I had an extra root in this tooth? I guess they charge you per root so that is why it is more too! Not really feeling special! LOL!

3- Car battery went bad. I had a 3-year warranty on it. They wanted $65 for a new one, saying it was 2 months out of warranty. The date on it said 1/05 (one the phone all was fine and the guy told me I did not have to bring in my receipt). BUT the new battery had the date 2/08 on it. So, I told him it is March right now. Who is to say that the last one that said January wasn’t really purchased in February since the second one’s date was off by a month. This would make my car battery 1 month out of warranty, not two, right?

Long story, short, a nice person helping me discounted it and I only paid $28 and he told me to look for the receipt. The ‘other’ guy told me it didn’t matter and would only make a 68 cents difference (which makes no sense but he was a ‘know it all’ so I didn’t feel like arguing with him.

So, my income tax money is gone. I thought I’d use it to get ahead. That didn’t happen. And I’m still behind on some bills.

I’ve decided to try to catch up on all the stuff I have here to list on eBay and save money by not going to garage sales for a little while. 1- save money by not spending money at garage sales. 2- save money by not spending the gas driving around to all of them.

My living room has PILES of clothes anyways that all need to be listed on eBay! So, that is my goal for the next two weeks. To get all of them listed. Right now they are sorted a tiny bit. They are in piles of men, women, maternity, boy and girl. Now I need to sort by size. I also have about 10 kitchen trash bags full of clothes that are already sorted that I need to list that I am selling on consignment for someone!

I had an interview with the Simi Valley Adult ed as a substitute teacher for their ESL dept. They want me to come back and observe the classroom.

I also signed up to do online test scoring.

Both are decent pay and all of this should help a little bit.

I need to also call my water company. I just got my water bill and it is $75.50 and the usage is almost the exact same as the last bill. Not sure if they went up in price and I missed it. It is not high for the usage history for the last 12 months but the price seems higher then usual. Maybe I’m just noticing it more since money is tight right now?

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Too much money?

I am not a person to drive from store to store buying one item here, one there for the cheapest price. I do not have the time. But this week I paid WAY to much for Contact Lens Cleaner.

I was completely out. Had none left at all at home and ran to Ralph’s to get some (and I was in a hurry). The cheapest bottle they had was $5.99.

This is a total bummer. Due to my lack of planning I had to buy it.

Normally I buy it at Target and I can get it for about $1 a bottle. I usually stock up and buy about 10 bottles at a time. Next time I need to pay attention when I am running low!

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This last month has been busy with sports. This week is the last week for Baby K and Little D for football. Baby K has her award and trophy ceremony tomorrow night and Little D has his last game on Sunday with a party at another player’s house right after the game.

Besides football they are in gymnastics. Baby K is in ballet. Little D loves to go mountain bike riding (sometimes I put Baby K in the jogger and Little D on his bike and we go walking or running. We did this this week when my van was in the shop and walked to my mom and step-dad’s house).

In two weeks Baby K will be starting basketball and Little D will be starting soccer.

WHEW! All of this is in addition to all other their other classes, activities and park days!

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Homeschool reading and free pizza

Pizza Hut has a neat program for ‘classrooms’ this can be done pre-K and up and can be done with public schools or homeschool families.

Sign up NOW for it.

Basically you commit to have your children read a certain amount each month. When they meet their goals they get a certificate for a free children’s size pizza.

I, personally, do not think my children should be rewarded to read. We love to read and it is just something we do daily and enjoy. I just tell them that they get this as a reading program. I do not do the reward chart that Pizza Hut offers but this is up to you.

One small children’s pizza is not enough food for my son but I can add some fresh fruit or chips and water to make a meal out of it for them.

We also have two Pizza Huts in our city so we can call it in ahead of time and then just show up to pick up our free monthly pizza!

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