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Vote for Barack Obama

Okay, I’m not really into politics and often consult my brother on things because I do not pay attention enough nor follow the news. But, I saw this on Yahoo when I logged on to check my email.

I can’t believe a presidential wannabe can actually compare Obama to some stupid, drug addict person that has lost all custody of her children.

McCain was trying to say that Obama is just a celebrity name but if McCain wanted to he could have used a more respected celebrity, right? The ad campain people didn’t do it on accident!

I’m already voting for Obama but seeing how McCain keeps saying what he is against, not for and keeps slinging mud at Obama just means that he is being immature and is threatened by him. I’m thinking it is because Obama is a better person, no?

If you Google both canidates Barack Obama will pull up double the hits too! People just like him more!!!

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HUGE garage sale

Okay everyone, the BIG GARAGE SALE is here. This weekend. Saturday
7am to-? And Sunday if we have lots left.

At Dennert Garage Door Co.
4785 E. Los Angeles Ave.
Simi Valley, Ca. 93063

Two drive ways to enter. Right on MAIN street with lots of traffic.

If you want to bring stuff to sell let me know. All I ask is that you
1- help make/put up signs. 2- pitch in for the ad ($20 in the Acorn,
already paid for by me). There were at least 5 families interested
before so the ad would be 1/5th of $20 if 5 people came. If you can’t
afford to pitch in, that is fine too. 3- take home what is left since
the business will be open again on Monday and can’t have clutter

There will be LOTS of stuff here that is mine or that we are selling
that is inside the offices.

Aprox. 15 boxes of homeschool books.
Aprox. 20 boxes of college text books.
Lots of vintage stuff like steamer trunks and small figurines.
Children’s clothing.
Office furniture, cabinets, chairs, file folders, file cabinets (2
lateral ones).
Whole phone system. Paid over $25,000 for it (yes, that is the right
amount of zeros).
Forklift propane tanks.
Stained glass for garage doors (ones that they do not sell anymore).
Children’s toys.
Couches and tables and desks.
Baby jogger.
5 bags of VHS movies.
Tv, vcr, tv wall mount stand.
Dishes and misc. utensils.

PLUS what ever other people decided to bring to sell too!

Please email or call me if you want to bring your own stuff to sell!

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colors that are good for you from Dr. Sears



Color it nutritious! Teach your children that a colorful plate means lots of “grow foods.” What a beautiful array of colorful fruits and vegetables! You can use this eyeful of color to your advantage by teaching your child to choose naturally colorful foods. The brightest colors are found in produce that is in season, fresh, and eaten raw or lightly steamed.

  • Play a color-matching game. What’s in the reds? Why is it good for you?
  • Send your children out on a color-finding mission. When you’re in the supermarket produce section assign one child orange and green, and another child gets the job of choosing two yellows! This can also be an excellent way of introducing new foods and getting variety into the family diet.
  • The vitamin game. When you serve fruits and vegetables, ask your children what vitamins and minerals they are high in, and why these are good for them.
  • Have children color the fruits and vegetables. Then have them paste them on a sheet of paper in groups according to their colors.
  • Have children draw pictures of food on paper plates. Are all the food groups represented? Use colorful markers.
  • Ask your children what color foods they ate today. Talk about each food and its color. “Did you eat your yummy yellows and great greens today?”
  • Create a “rainbow lunch,” a tray full of colorful foods cut into bite-sized servings.
  • Kids remember colors. To get your children to appreciate the nutrient value of foods, teach them that colors mean healthy foods, or, in kid-language, “grow foods.” Remind them: “Did you get your reds today?”
Colors Food Sources Nutrients Health Benefits
Red tomatoes
tomato sauce
guava juice
red peppers
Beta carotene
Vitamin C
Lycopene is a potent antioxidant and is one of the top ten anticancer carotenoids. It has been linked to reductions in the risk of prostate cancer. Anthocyanins have anti- cancer properties. Red peppers contain much more beta carotene (and more vitamin C) than green peppers.
Pink pink grapefruit Lycopene
beta carotene
Like lycopene, beta carotene is an antioxidant that is good for the eyes. It also reduces the risk of cancers and cardiovascular disease.
Orange or deep yellow apricots and peaches
(especially dried)
sweet potato
Beta carotene
vitamin C
Some orange/yellow vegetables, such as pumpkin and summer squash, contain the phytonutrient, lutein, which helps protect against degeneration of eye structure with aging. Carotenoids, like beta carotene, are the phytos that protect plants from sun damage. Perhaps they do the same for humans.
Dark green kale, other “greens” asparagus
romaine lettuce
green peppers
Beta carotene Dark green foods are rich in antioxidants.
Blue or dark purple blueberries
red wine
purple cabbage
Anthocyanin The pigment anthocyanin has anti-cancer properties.
Black or dark red black beans kidney beans Calcium
Black beans are higher in fiber and calcium; red beans contain slightly more iron.
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