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I think tomorrow we will have an ART DAY. I am reading Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Inglas Wilder with Little D right now and he stopped me to ask questions when the book says how Ma has set things for each day. Monday-wash. Tuesday-iron. Wednesday- churn. Thursday-bake. Friday-clean. Saturday- I can’t remember. and Sunday- rest.

So, I thought this would be fun to do something like this with homeschooling.

Maybe something like this, in no particular order;

1- art.
2- science experiments.
3- gardening.
4- museum field trip day.

We would still our regular stuff but maybe make extra time after we do our bookwork to do something extra each day that is a certain day of the week so they can look forward to it.

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Homeschooling-neat book

I finished a neat book tonight at bed time. I was reading it to Baby K but Little D was listening in too (he likes to do that) and pretend he wasn’t.

It was called What is Rot. Baby K picked it out from the library yesterday. The book/pages are a little yellow. The book looks like it is from the 70’s by the pictures but Baby K didn’t notice.

It is a neat book talking about mold, bacteria, decomposing items and what makes things biodegradable.

There are science experiments that the kids can do on every few pages too. We will have to try some. One was to get a sock with no match. Wear it all day. Step in some water or mud in it then put it in a plastic bag and seal it and put it in the dark and see what starts to grow on it!

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Discount on sports

I forgot to mention when I listed all the sports my children are in that I get a discount at the YMCA. I applied for it for low-income and I only have to pay 50% of all classes. We are members and so my memberships is 50% too. So, to sign up one child for football it is about $140 for non-members and $65 for members and then we pay 1/2 of that. Some classes are free too, like ballet.

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Tomatomania 2008

The tomatoes are here!! The tomatoes are here!!! (I feel like running around shouting this).

Check out this website.

They have a few places in the next month or two to go to in Ca. or you can order online.

We have gone the last three years. Funny thing is I only kinda like tomatoes and my kids hate them. BUT Tomatomania is so much fun.

They have about 300 different tomato species. Purple ones with stripes. Ones that look like yellow peaches. Brandywine. Beef steak. etc. etc. They are so neat to watch grow. If you go there to get them the prices were decent. About $5 a plant. I checked and online they are more money and shipping was very high. But this beats the selection of only a few types that a local hardware/garden center would have!

All the sizes and colors look very neat growing in the yard too!

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