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German Fruit Cake Marzipan Stollen

Okay, I got some of this ‘stuff’ from Trader Joe’s and haven’t tried it yet (I’m a little chicken to try). It reminds me of fruit cake but is suppose to be some kind of sweet bread.

A friend told me that marzipan means ‘almond paste’ and that it is a type of German bread.

So, I had to look on Wikipedia and see what it REALLY is! LOL!

Enjoy! Now you have learned something new too!


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Commercial Free childhood

I got this from a post from Tonya. Many things to click on. Learn and be informed!!!

Tv has WAYYYY too many commercials and I even notice a huge increase in the ‘I wants’ and the ‘Will you buy me’ after my children have watched tv with commercials. This group has done some great things, like getting Scholastic to remove Bratz from thier school sales!!



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