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Pirasta World Coloring Posters

Pirasta Color Map

Kids Talk Politics documentary

Check out Kids Talk Politics for great political views from small voices. For ages 8-10 yrs old. Children can tape their views and email it in as a link or on YouTube and they can be part of the documentary-in-progress.

Send to: or visit the website at

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Baby Got Barack Obama

Great clothes for children with Barack Obama on them. I’ve seen lots around town (bought different places). “Barack-a-Mama” (for a mom). Barack Me All Night Long (baby shirt, like a lullaby) and more.

This specific website has “Barack-a-Bye Baby” and “Baby Got Barack” and more.

T-shirts, onsides, toddler shirts and adult tees. Shirts are $20 + $4 shipping.

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Interesting but I’m not surprised Library vs video games

Library Fact:

Americans spend nearly 10 times as much money on home video games ($9.9 billion) as they do on school library materials for their children ($1 billion), according to the American Library Association.

I wonder if they compared books vs other multi-media (video games, computer games, dvd movies) and not compare it to a school library how the results would be different.

YOU have to think when surveys are done what they WANT you to hear!

Yes, I believe that people spend more money on video and computer and dvd (individually even) then books but is it REALLY double???

What do you think?

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recycling ideas & websites

I just read about reusable bags and found a great link. These can be used in lunch boxes or just for left-overs. Instead of buying plastic bags, zip-loc bags and sandwich bags you can use these and RE-USE them over and over again. The website is Now, if you are like me, you think these are cool but can’t afford them, you can STILL do something. Wash your zip-loc bags and use them again. I do this mainly if there were dry goods in them, like chips or crackers. If it was something like meat or slimy stuff like pizza then I will throw them out. Due to the size, cost and how there is a few amount in the box, I tend to do it more with the gallon size bags.

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