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Chinese / Taiwan news at Bottle Village

A news team from a Chinese/Taiwan (how it was explained to me) tv station was at Bottle Village interviewing Joanne and asking questions. Joanne asked what the station name is and they just said CTV or something like that but Joanne said that anyone broadcasting out of California has a ‘K’ in front of their name, like KCAL. Either way, when Bottle Village had the Open House they came and took some footage and came back when no one else was there to take more pictures and ask some questions!

Joanne invited me to bring the kids down to watch it!

I do not remember their names but they were both very nice and were great with Little D and Baby K. and they even interviewed them (mainly Little D). Afterwards LIttle D was very ecstatic about it and told me that he thought it was neat how since it was not live they can ask the same question a few times if he said he wrong and let him repeat himself, saying it in a better way. I don’t think he realized that tv or movies do LOTS of retakes! For some shows and movie one 2 minute scene can take Hours? Days? I have no clue but it was something that Little D never thought about before.

They said they’d let Joanne know when it is going to air and send her a dvd of it and that they will air it in Los Angeles,in China and in Taiwan!


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Okay, I the photos uploaded backwards! I am TRYING to figure out how to post photos and write words next to them but it always seems to tab funny, not line up, or bunch all the photos together with all the words squished next to only one photo!

Sigh!!! I’m sure I’ll figure it out, eventually!!!

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some new pictures…

Baby K and cousin T with ‘NICE’ green candy tongues!!! A dentist’s dream!

Little D and Baby K at place where we received the bikes with all of the teams that built them.

Baby K praticing at Moorpark College. Including one where, knowing I had the camera out, she fake-crashed and threw her head back, all dramatic, and posed that way- wanting me to send it to my dad! LOL!

Baby K on the bike trail in Wood Ranch.

Today she did even better but I didn’t bring my camera!

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