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Pirasta World Coloring Posters

Pirasta Color Map


Okay, I was goofing off trying to edit some things on my blog. I was TRYING to update the ads on it but for some reason can’t do it. There are some new features so I clicked on the one that says ‘followers’. I added it to the side of my blog but screwed up because now, some how, I am a follower of my own blog. So, someone, PLEASE add yourself too so that I’m not the only one reading it! lol!


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Educational coloring pictures

This website has over 6400 pictures to choose from to print for children to learn and color on. Holidays, environment, geography, the presidents and other famous people, fairy tales, family and more. The ‘Act Now’ clip that I posted was from this site as well.

You can also sign up for the ‘coloring picture of the day’. I printed a Topographic Map to show Little D tomorrow!


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German Fruit Cake Marzipan Stollen

Okay, I got some of this ‘stuff’ from Trader Joe’s and haven’t tried it yet (I’m a little chicken to try). It reminds me of fruit cake but is suppose to be some kind of sweet bread.

A friend told me that marzipan means ‘almond paste’ and that it is a type of German bread.

So, I had to look on Wikipedia and see what it REALLY is! LOL!

Enjoy! Now you have learned something new too!


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