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eBay- 2nd chance offer

eBay has a second chance offer to let you relist something for FREE if it does not sell the first time.

Beware. NOTHING is free! They are a business!!!

There is a catch.

If you relist the item a second time and it sells you will only have to pay the listing fees once.

BUT if you relist it a second time and it does not sell. You will have to pay for two listing fees. For the first time AND the second time.

So, if you think it will sell try to lower the price, edit the description. Change the category, etc. to ensure it will sell.

Also, if it is a big price item. Wait a week or two to relist. A few times a week I get an email a day or two after the auction is over by someone saying they missed the auction but still want to see if they can buy the item. You can do this by just sending them a invoice with Paypal or by doing a ‘end it early’ with eBay or putting a Buy it Now on the item for the buyer to buy it right away. The first option is frowned upon by eBay (since they won’t get final auction fees) and is not under eBays protection for fraud so the second two ways are a safer way to sell.

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eBay- powerseller

If you haven’t noticed eBay has now changed their fees (again). They sent out a mass email acting like they were doing everyone a favor by offering Gallery photo for free. This is great since I use it on every single auction I post. BUT, when I clicked on the email to read all of the details they then mentioned other changes in their fees. Most were increases.

I am not going to log onto eBay to get the exact amounts since they change often but one thing someone can do to try to save money is to become a Powerseller.

There are a few requirements to be a Powerseller. Feedback, # of completed auctions and # of listings each month have to have a minimum.

Final listing fees for Powersellers are a less then for someone else listing on eBay.

It is about a 3% difference so depending on the item it can be significance and fees add up quickly!

last month I paid over $150 in eBay fees! I do not know how people make money by selling things for 1 cent. I can’t see how it is worth their time. After the eBay and Paypal fees they have lost money. Keep these fees in mind when you are going to list or re-list something.

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Saving money on groceries

Last week I got about $75 in groceries for $4.

First. I had three bags of cans, bottles to take to the recycling center. I was at my mom and step-dad’s house so I volunteered to take their’s too. They had about 5 bags.

There are two ways to turn in plastic/glass/bottles at the recycling place. First, all must have a CRV (California Redemption Value). Second if they are not crushed it is better.

1- You sort them and put them in a trashcan and they are weighed and you are given the market value for them. First time I did this a few weeks before I received less then $5.00.

2- You stand in line (a much longer line then the first way) and you put the bottles in one at a time into a machine. It calculates 5 cents – 15 cents on each item depending on size and if glass or plastic or aluminum.

This trip I got over $49. and the line was short so the whole thing took about 20 minutes.

I went to Ralphs to get some groceries and turn in my recycling receipt (the recycling center does not have cash, they give you a paper to take to the grocery store and the store gives you cash at the register).

I had recently gone through my cupboards. Had some food items that were non-perishable and not expired that I wanted to return. Things we do not eat (peas, boxed mashed potatoes, stove-top stuffing, French green beans, etc).

The manager checked them and said that it would be fine for me to return them.

So, I did my shopping. Used my receipt from the recycling center and the cashier took my returns off too.

I paid only $4 and the total bill was over $75.

I gave my mom and step-dad 1/2 the money since 1/2 of the cans were theirs but they gave me some back because I had bought soda for them and Girl Scout cookies for them.

I had a separate bag of weird brands of food that I did not think were from Ralph’s and I took these to Care and Share and dropped them off.

Great way to declutter my cupboards!

I know I can’t do this every week but it was a nice treat! I even bought Lunchables for Little D and Baby K since they helped with the recycling!

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services for California

I’ve been asked by my friend Michele to compile a list of agencies, services, groups, etc. that are around to help people in times of financial need. There are a lot BUT most places have outdated lists. So, I’m going to see what I can do to create an updated one and to continue to update it with new or additional information. There might be more that I do not know about too, please let me know if you know of something to add. These are in no particular order.

  • Food services.
    1. Care and Share. in Simi Valley they are at 5924 E Los Angels Ave Ste F. A few bags of free food once a month plus you can go any time you want for unlimited bread products.
    2. Fresh Produce Giveaway. Last Thursday of each month at both the Simi and Moorpark Family First Five Neighborhood for Learning. There might be some in other cities as well.
    3. Easy St. place. Offers Fresh and canned food. Every Saturday at 12 noon
    4. Place Cristina told me about.Offers fresh meat, fruits and vegetables and canned/boxed items. Every Sunday.
    5. WIC/ Food Stamps Place.
  • Healthy Families. Cheap health care for children. For people that make too much to get Medical but can not afford full priced-insurance. The prices are different with each family but it is $60 a month for my two children and if I pay 3 months at a time they offer a discount.
  • Freecycle- Great places to get LOTS of stuff. Part of YahooGroups or you can find your city area at I have gotten children’s clothes, litter stuff and food for my cat, LOTS of toys and books, a bunk bed, etc. and have seen other furniture, clothes, kitchen items, gardening, etc. on this. EVERYTHING is free.
  • YMCA has a discount for families with lower income or financial needs. We only pay 50% of the member price for all classes or sports.
  • Catholic Charities in Thousand Oaks will sponsor you and pay an electric bill for you making it up to day. This means if it is overdue they will pay that and will call and pay any up-to-date current charges.
  • HEAP will pay EITHER your electric or gas bill up to day. You can only choose one. Depending on your income they will pay a certain amount. The min. amount when I went was $197.00 and it went up to over $300.
  • Ventura County Dept.of Animal Regulations will give a voucher for getting your cat or dog spayed or neutered. Some vets will do it too. I paid only $25 for getting our female kitten done. They also offer low-cost rabies vaccination clinics.
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