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art ? toe-nail art.. ummmm okay?

I guess you can call this art. Folk art? Ecentric art? Crazy weird people? LMAO!!! Not sure I’d want to touch these if they had other people’s nails on them. Other people’s feet gross me out! Not kidding! Feet by themselves are okay. But, PLEASE, if you have sweaty, hot-in-the-shoes-all-day feet don’t ever try to put them near me. And, if you have toe nails so long that a french pedicure would look nice, but instead they are all yellow and gross and cracked and have dirty ‘stuff’ under the nails, I just might gag!

So, with all that said, please check out this ‘lovely’ website.

I have to thank Suzie for sending it to me! Sigh!!! What would I do without my friends?


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Great meal recipes for free

My friend, Suzie, told me about this great blog. She has a friend that emailed out recipes all the time to family and friends and Suzie encouraged her to create a blog from it. So, she has an posts great recipe ideas all the time. They are in groups on the right to choose from.


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