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Moving Overseas: Sensible Ways to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

Moving Overseas:

Sensible Ways to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

Many families are spread far and wide these days but even if you live in a different country to most of your relatives and friends, there are some easy and practical ways to keep in touch.

The world is a smaller place thanks to technology and it is inexpensive to reach out to people and keep up to date with what everyone is doing. Here is an overview of some apps that can help you stay connected, practical tips for sharing images and videos, plus a look at why it is good to get into a communication routine.

All you need is Wi-Fi

Whenever you have a Wi-Fi signal you can use a variety of different apps to stay in touch with people without having to worry about the cost of international call charges.

If you download WhatsApp on your mobile you can then make calls and send messages to friends and family using the Wi-Fi connection.

A viable alternative to WhatsApp is Skype, but it seems a lot of people around the world prefer the former, as it has an easier interface and you can send messages just as quickly and easily as speaking on the phone.

Another good option would be to download the call recorder app by Apalon Apps. It gives you the ability to record all of your calls, so you can listen to a message straight from the app or replay a special call from a loved one whenever you want.

telephone booth

Sharing your memories

It is not always practical to share everything on social media sites like Facebook and some relatives might not have a profile anyway.

A practical way to share your latest memories with others would be to share videos and images via a cloud storage service.

You can often get a basic account for free with someone like Dropbox which gives you 2GB of space as part of the deal when you sign up. This can often be enough to load the images and videos that you want to share with others.

All you have to do is create a shared folder and then let them know when you have added something new for them to see.

Another alternative to consider is uploading some videos to YouTube. There is a facility to make these videos private so only those invited to join the channel will be able to view the content.

Get into a routine

If you are living abroad and missing your family and friends you will want to try and stay in touch on a regular basis, so consider getting into a routine for communicating with them.

Work out the practical issues such as time zones and work commitments and then try to work out a time and method for getting in touch that works for both parties.

For instance, If you want to call your family on a Sunday and tell them about the week you have just have, set a time that works and everyone will soon look forward to your regular catch up session.

It feels good to stay in touch and keep a regular communication routine, otherwise, the weeks can soon turn into months and before you know it, you haven’t managed to speak with anyone for ages.

Zara Green has family living all over the globe and cannot imagine what it would be like if she couldn’t use today’s wealth of tech to keep in touch with them.  She writes about tech and social media in her articles, sharing useful info and how-to articles.


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4 Responses to Moving Overseas: Sensible Ways to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

  • I think a routine is a really good idea. I had a friend that went overseas and it was really hard to know when I could call without waking her. We had to come up with a day/time that we would talk so it that way neither of us would wake the other, and we would be around to take the call.

  • Social media has made communication across the miles (and an ocean) so much easier, convenient and less expensive!

  • My son was stationed in Japan several years ago and I was heartbroken because I would not be able to keep in touch. After research on mine and his part this old ‘bitty’ heard from him several times a week.

  • Very useful advice. I am sure anyone with family members overseas would really appreciate this article.

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