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Media Kit

Media Kit

I would like to first thank you for considering having Mom Are We There Yet to do a review and/or giveaway of your products/service. I love to write reviews about gardening, recipes, travel, restaurants, homeschooing, education, single parenting, technology and more.  The children are often in the reviews and are learning to help make the reviews, including photography and videoing.

Our family loves trying anything and everything new. However, due to this being a Family-Friendly site, we reserve the right to refuse a product if we feel it does not fit our content.

Stats available upon request.

Contact: deborahdennert at gmail

Meet your Reviewers

Deborah– Always on the go mom. Homeschools both of her children.  Single parent.  Majored in English in college.  Favorite place to be is a museum.  Loves to step on crunchy leaves, go on hikes and take pictures of the sunset. Plays on an adult kickball team, 44.
Daeton- Teen son that plays the cello, loves Star Wars and Legos and when isn’t doing his schoolwork is often found on the X-Box.

Kaela-Two years younger but likes to be the one to take control. She loves to read, has been in track and field over 8 years, plays the violin and is often found climbing trees.

Jett- 8 year old cat. Afraid of her own shadow.
Pumpkin– 5-year-old cat. Great mouser. She loves to bring in lizards, birds and other ‘gifts.’
Nacho– 1-year-old cat and a terror. He never sleeps, likes harassing the other cats and is our latest rescue.

Yoshi– My sister’s German Shorthair pointer. Crazy dog that has failed 10 weeks of ‘dog whisper’ training school.  He loves dog treats and toys and tries to destroy them all.

My Rules:

Here are some things that always apply:

*All posts will have a disclaimer.

*Sponsors are always responsible for shipping to me and the winner.– Please do NOT send me the giveaway prize. I like my companies to KNOW that the item is going to a winner and that I am not keeping it for my own personal use. I would never want my integrity to come into question.

*I am not RETURNING any item offered up for me to review.

*All sponsored posts will have no-follow links.


When doing a review:

You are responsible for shipping to me.   If I receive a product or service I am unhappy with, I will email your company and discuss matters PRIOR to posting it. You will have the right to opt out on the review/giveaway. (I rarely find a product that I am unhappy with, however, it does occur.) You will receive 2 Links in the post.  I have a product minimum of $75 for a review.  It can be multiple items.  *Your item will not be returned.* As for the giveaway, please read the giveaway rules.  If review items are found on Amazon affiliate links will be added in as links or photos.

When sponsoring a giveaway:

I require either the item itself to run a giveaway (for review) or payment in the value of the item itself-you are welcome to try to negotiate this with me. I am very friendly and easy to deal with. You may have one to two social media links on the entry form.

Sponsored posts:

These are the posts I charge for.   No item is sent to me. Instead a description of the item is given, and I write my review based upon the information given and my interpretation of the product.  It can be done a few ways.  You can give me links and have me write the whole thing or you can give it me prewritten.  Both require payment.  Fees are Negotiable!


*All required payments must be sent via Paypal or previously discussed and are required within 28 hours of a the sponsored post being published.*

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2 Responses to Media Kit

  • Dear Mom, we are looking for a review, to advertise, or a giveaway for our product on your blog. Below are the details and picture, where can we send samples. Is thee a cost associated with it

    thank you.

    x-bandz product review

    Product review request.

    X-Bandz Math Learning Bandz the most innovative and simplest learning product to be created in years.
    X-Bandz is a teaching aid that will enable your child to master the multiplication and division facts quickly and easily. Educators have called X-Bandz for Multiplication, “…a fun and unique learning method for young students” X-Bandz are today’s flash cards.

    Drill and practice is the best way to learn multiplication and division facts. X-Bandz is the fastest and easiest method to learn and remember the multiplication and division facts, GUARANTEED! for $5.99 per pack also available at
    Created by a mom/teacher and 2 kids. Kids, teachers and parents approve of X-Bandz.

    Get your little ones in the spirit of summer with our colorful xbandz, Kids’ Summer Wearables bandz that will also remind them of the math tables. also available at for $5.99.


    • The minimum value of a product for me to do a review is $50. If you would like to contact me about this you can email me on the contact form. Thank you.

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