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When Life Hands You Lemons, And Your Children Drink The Lemonade!

When Life Hands You Lemons, And Your Children Drink The Lemonade!

None of us can escape the occasional stressful experience. In an ideal world, things would be good all the time. But, that’s not reality. In fact, reality can be quite harsh when we least expect it. It’s never easy when disaster strikes. And, it’s even harder when you’re trying to work around your children. With a bit of luck, you will have kept them safe from hardship. That’s how it should be. But, it can make it hard for them to understand the gravity of certain situations. As such, they will continue to play you up and make life difficult. Why? Because that’s what children do. When something major is happening, it’s the last thing you want. That’s why we’ve come up with a checklist of how to cope with children during those times. Whether you’re moving house or visiting someone in the hospital, this list has you covered.
hospital bed


It may seem cruel, but getting the kids out of the way is often the best option. If you’re visiting someone in the hospital, taking children with you isn’t practical. Not only will they drain the person you’re visiting, but they could also disrupt other patients. Most children struggle to realize when they should be quiet. If you have nightmares of your kids running around the hospital, don’t take them! As well as keeping your visit peaceful, not taking the kids will save them facing an unpleasant reality. Hospitals aren’t pleasant places, and you want to avoid taking them there if possible. That’s especially true if the appearance of the person you’re visiting could upset them. Speak to family members or friends and see if they could look after your children. You could even arrange a playdate for them and use that time. Other parents are sure to be sympathetic to your plight.


If you can’t get your children out of the way, you could use their help. Of course, this depends on what stressful situation you’re facing. If, for example, you’re moving home, getting them involved could be the best thing. Instead of letting them run riot while the moving company tries to work, get them packing in another room. Kids love to be involved and are sure to rise to the challenge. If they have trouble knuckling down, express how helpful it would be if they packed some things. If nothing else, children love to know they’re helping in the process!


If all else fails, come up with methods of keeping your children entertained. Giving them things to do is sure to give you time to cope with the situation in peace. We don’t encourage sticking kids in front of the television. But, it is an excellent distraction. If your children are absorbed in a good film, you don’t have to worry about them. Books and games also work as great distractions. That way, you can cope with what’s happening, and they can remain blissfully unaware.


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