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It’s Time To Shuffle Your To-Do List



It’s Time To Shuffle Your To-Do List

When life gets busy, you can really relate to how circus jugglers must feel! Keeping work, family, home, friends and everything else up in the air can be tough. So tough in fact, that sometimes we have to prioritize things. There is just no way we can do everything at once.

The chances are that to manage this, you have a to-do list. This might be a mental one, or it might be a physical one that you keep on your phone or on a noticeboard. Wherever it is, it could be time for a reshuffle.

Sometimes, we can forget what really is the most important things in life. Sure, running to the store to stock up on your kid’s favorite treat is important. But what about the other things? The things you might have forgotten about, because life is so busy, or because it’s been awhile since you’ve done them.

Read on to find out what needs bumping up to the top of your to-do list, today!

First up, let’s discuss that dentist appointments. If you only go once a year or so, it can be easy to forget about it. Chances are that when you book in for an appointment the next year, you don’t even have that year’s calendar or diary! This means that we are prone to forgetting, or booking something else for the same day. However, dentist appointments shouldn’t be skipped. They should be prioritized. Start going during the same month every year. That way, when it rolls around again, you’ll remember that it’s nearly time for your check-up. Save time and hassle by getting you and the family all booked in on the same day. That way you only have to make one journey. Keep a separate pot of money to one side to pay for appointments. If it’s been so long since you’ve visited that you need a new dentist, use a website like to find your nearest one.

On the topic of teeth, how about another important component of your body? Your eyes, of course. You shouldn’t miss optician appointments either. Eyesight deteriorates over time, and if you have a problem that remains undiagnosed or untreated, it could quickly get worse. By the time it is caught, it could be too late to reverse the damage. Get your children’s eyes tested regularly too. As their bodies are growing, their eyes and their ability might change. Children also do a lot of reading and writing also, so will need clear eyesight to be able to focus and thrive at school. Articles like tell you eight warning signs to look out for in your kids.

Now, some of us also think that if we aren’t actually ill, we don’t need to visit the doctor. However, it is highly advisable to have a quick check up every now and again.  Just tell your Doctor you want a quick once-over and they will do the rest. While not a necessity, it can put your mind at rest. And, if they do discover any problems, you can get them dealt with early. Pretty much everything, from back pain to tumors, is more easily treatable the sooner they are diagnosed. These are just some health warning signs you should look out for.

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One Response to It’s Time To Shuffle Your To-Do List

  • Thanks So Much for Sharing These Tips for Getting Your To-Do List in Order, I Really Appreciate it! I Have Horrible Chronic Pain and Some Health Issues b/c I Was in a Bad Motorcycle Accident So I Have a Lot of Doctors Appointments So I Definitely Need to Be More Organized! I Need to Get More Organized in General and I Need to Get a Day Planner, I Think That Would Help Out a Lot! Well Thanks Again for Your Helpful Tips, Have a Wonderful Evening! – Jana

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