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Homework, Naps and Apps: Tips and Tools to Help Kids Learn to Manage Their Lives Better

Homework, Naps and Apps:

Tips and Tools to Help Kids Learn to Manage Their Lives Better

Older kids spend a lot of time on their mobile devices these days. But it doesn’t always have to be about games, there are lots of great apps out there to help them manage their lives better. Here’s a rundown on some of the best of them.

Time Management

This android alarm clock app is great for helping kids sleep better, wake up faster and even track the time it takes them to do things like chores and homework. They can wake up to their favorite tunes every morning. But it’s not just an alarm clock, it can also lull you to sleep at night. After a long day of classes, they can set a timer and play relaxing music to help them sleep soundly. Other features include different clock faces, a brightness slider, auto-launch, a variety of clock widgets and a built-in flashlight.

cell alarm clock

Personal Safety

With the Wearsafe Personal Safety System, if your child encounters danger pressing the device’s button will transmit an alert to family member’s and friends’ mobile devices. It also opens a live audio link from your child’s so he or she can respond or call 911. It lets the wearer know that help is coming by emitting a vibration each time someone gets the alert. Alerts can be sent from up to 200 feet.

Homework Tracking

Help your child keep abreast of all his or her homework assignments and classes with MyHomework app. Projects will never be handed in late again. Each time you add a due date, you can prioritize it and color code it. You can view homework assignments on the calendar or by subject. You can also add classes by period or by time.

Money Management

This is a great way to introduce children to banking and balancing a checking account. Bankaroo is an app for smartphones and tablets. It is comprised of a virtual bank that lets kids keep track of their allowance. It’s super user-friendly because it was actually created by an 11-year- old. Users enter their virtual allowance amount and set saving and spending goals.

Confidence Booster

Combat bullying and self-doubt with Middle School Confidential 1: Be Confident in Who You Are, an inspirational graphic novel about a group of loyal friends who help boost each other’s self-esteem when faced with teasing, bullying, and self-doubt. Some of the characters lack of confidence is related to their weight, grades, self-image, or athletic skills, but their friends always know just the right thing to say to give them a better perspective.

Vocabulary Helper

Help your child build his or her vocabulary by turning words into a game. has an adaptive style so that kids can learn at their own level while still being challenged with new words. As their understanding improves, the challenge level increases. These apps will help your kids learn how to save time, handle money, keep up with school work, gain confidence and increase their word power with just the touch of their fingertips.

Mason Long is a Dad to 2 wonderful boys and shares his parenting tips and thoughts with other parents around the web with his articles.


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