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Dating For Single Moms On Valentine’s Day

Dating For Single Moms On Valentine’s Day

 valentine's day


So, it’s finally happening – after years of being a single mom, you’ve actually got a date for Valentine’s Day! Punch the air, jump up and down, your day is coming! But, after the initial excitement has faded, you might start to feel more than a little nervous – what on earth are you going to wear, how do you talk to him, and should you avoid the spaghetti? Here’s our guide on getting it right…

Preparation is the key to helping you feel in control and less like your legs are going to turn to jelly at any moment. Don’t wait until a few hours before your date to start thinking about what you should wear – plan your outfit now. You can get the perfect look with a great discount if you Register to Get Exclusive Offers And Promotions online, but do it today so that you are all set for the big day. Choose something that you will feel comfortable in, and that isn’t a million miles away from your usual style: trussing yourself up in a revealing mini-skirt and skimpy top combo will only make you feel more self-conscious. Make an appointment to get your hair styled, and if you can’t manage that – buy yourself a home dye kit to refresh your locks.

Making sure the kids are taken care of will mean that you can totally relax while you’re out on your date. Arrange for a friend or family member to babysit well in advance, and see if you can get them to have the kids to stay overnight – not necessarily for getting up to anything naughty, just to give yourself the chance for a real break and to feel totally chilled before and after the big date. Tell the children that you will be going out in a couple of weeks’ time (you don’t have to tell them where or who with!) so that there’s no confusion on the day and they understand that mom is just popping out for a bit to enjoy herself.

 single mom valentine's day

Make sure you’ve got some cash, even if your date has already said he’s going to be picking up the tab. You’ll feel much more confident and at ease if you have some money in your pocket – it means that you can offer to buy a drink or two without worrying, and you can get yourself home without any help if things don’t work out as well as you thought.

Eat a little before you go, even if you’re going out for dinner. If it’s been a while since your last date, it can be all too easy to get carried away with the cocktails. Having a small snack before you head out means that any alcohol won’t go straight to your head – and you are less likely to start telling embarrassing stories about your ex!

Dating as a single mom isn’t easy, but it can also be really exciting too! If it all sounds too much, read our guide on how to do Valentine’s Day with the kids – but don’t rule out getting yourself back in the game, you never know where it might lead!


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5 Responses to Dating For Single Moms On Valentine’s Day

  • these are great tips. i will rach out to my single mama friends

  • These are some great suggestions. I love the idea of eating a little before you go on your date. Thank you for sharing these great tips. Happy Valentines Day

  • Super advice for all. I do agree that Making sure the kids are taken care of is so very important.

  • These are great suggestions! I have three little ones and have recently separated, so I am making it all about my love for them 🙂

  • Great advice, I think if your single mom like one of my daughters its ok, love always find love. One day at a time,

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