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It is That Time Of Year- Knott’s Camp Spooky Is Here

Knott’s Camp Spooky

If you love Halloween but don’t want things that are too scary for your kids, you have to check out Knott’s Berry Farm’s Camp Spooky.  Kids can dress in costumes and trick-or treat with a map provide.  Snoopy and the Peanuts gang will be there for awesome photo opportunities.  You and your kids can sing and dance at Charlie Brown’s Spooktacular Show.  This is a non-scary celebration.

 Cheer instead of fear!

camp spooky

I have taken the kids to Knott’s Berry Farm before.  The last time was 2011.  We had a blast and stayed there the whole day until the park was closing.  But this will be our first time at Camp Spooky.


If you are in Southern California and are looking for something to do for Halloween fun, look no further.


When it comes to theme parks there is nothing to compare it to.  We love this place! My kids are not huge ride fans so this is a place where there is so much more.  They have lots of shows, small rides, a awesome market place.  Last time I got a grain of rice with my daughter’s name carved on it and put in a capsule.  Educational things to see too, like Indian Trails. So many awesome thing!

This is also the perfect time of year to go to a theme park in Southern California.  The weather is great.


Buena Park, CA – Weekends in October, Knott’s Berry Farm invites you and your family to join in on

the Halloween fun in Camp Spooky. This daytime, non-scare celebration, of cheer rather than fear, is

the social event of the season with shows, activities and of course, trick-or-treating all geared for kids

ages 3-11.

Kids can take part in Snoopy’s Costume Party and show off their costume as they join the

affable group of monsters and the PEANUTS characters in a spirited procession through Camp


In the Camp Spooky Theatre, Charlie Brown’s Spooktacular Show will have you singing and

dancing in the aisles to all your favorite Halloween tunes. Kids of all ages can explore the wacky

hijinks of the Monster Factory, a fun interactive maze for the whole family in which the little ones

create the things that go bump in the night.

Also included with theme park admission, your little ghost, goblin or monster can fill their

complimentary goodie bag with sweet treats given out at five Trick-or-Treating locations in Camp

Spooky. At the “Creepy Crawly Critter Cave” Knott’s park naturalists will amaze with slithery, slimy,

creepy, crawly critters.

The whole family will enjoy “Scary Stories at the Lodge” where master story tellers spin the

craziest, creepiest, silliest tales this side of the “Great Pumpkin Patch.” And what goes better with a

story than a delicious cookie that you can decorate yourself at the “Kooky Cookie Painting.”(Small

fee applies)

Now on-sale, 2014 Season Passes offer unlimited access to Camp Spooky, as well as the

other exciting seasonal events happening year-round at Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott’s Season Pass

program offers exclusive discounts, special Pass Holder events, one free visit in 2013, and more. For

affordable year-round fun, Season Passes can be purchased online at starting at $72.00

or with nine easy installment payments of just $8.00 for a limited time.

Camp Spooky runs weekends October 5-27 and is included with regular park admission.

Knott’s Berry Farm Theme Park operating hours are 10:00 am to 5:30 pm. For more information on

all the exciting things that are going on at Knott’s Berry Farm, call (714) 220-5200 or visit us online at




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Legoland Adventure & Family Time

My sister and I love taking our children to Legoland. We do it over the summer as some family vacation time before school starts. We went two years ago and the kids were excited to go again this year.

We arrived at Legoland in the morning and stayed until closing time.

We went to every section of the park.  Enjoyed the rides and games.  Even a live show.  I grabbed ice cream during the show and the kids enjoyed snacking on it while they watched the actors run around the castle and grab kids from the audience.

Legoland full-size people were great.

This is me, being silly!  I couldn’t help it!


My sister and daughter went on this crazy ride.  That is them.  Twisting and turning in the air.  I stood on the ground with the boys watching and laughing.  It is great going with another adult.  We were able to tag team with the kids when one wanted to do something and the others didn’t.  Unfortunately, I can not remember the name of it.IMGP9875

My son LOVED all the of the miniature cities and sets.  Especially all of the Star Wars ones.  The details were amazing.  He was fascinated at the ones that moved too.IMGP9892

While Legoland street performers did a ‘get up and dance’ concert I danced too… YES, the kids were embarrassed!  Mom’s job, right?  K had to show me how it is done.IMGP9912

The dancers and live Lego people put on a great show.  Kids of all ages were engaged and dancing below.

The three of us.  My sister put hairspray dye in our hair.  Part of a fun family tradition when we go to busy places.  Part of it is to be able to see the kids easier and the other part is that it is just crazy and fun.



Last time we were there was two years ago, so it was before the water park was open.  We  got to check it out for the first time.  I did not have my camera much for in there since I didn’t want it wet but we had a BLAST! Best water park ever! I think we could have spent the whole day there.  Next year we will have to go for two days.  One day at Legoland and one day at the water park, or split up both days.IMGP9836

Hands down.  We love Legoland.  The best amusement park for all ages.  When it got too hot we went into one of the game rooms and cooled off.  The food was great and prices weren’t too bad.  The kids also loved picking out Lego sets from the gift shops to take home.  If someone has younger kids there is sections for them too.  This is definitely a place for the whole family.  
I can’t wait until next year.
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Family Fun Adventure At Sea World

I took this kids to San Diego this summer to have a mini-vacation.  They wanted to go to Sea World since we had been a few years ago and they both had fond memories.  My sister and nephew came as well.

When we got there my sister had the whole place mapped out and our day planned.   We first went to the whale and dolphin show.  The kids loved it.  It was close to the entrance and we got great seats.  How about that?  Better than an amusement park with lots of walking and lines.  I took over 200 photos of the day but thought I’d post some unique ones that are my favorite.


This was part of our lunch.  It was food-tray style.  We got to choose different items on the menu and ask them to make or grab is already done.  The whale cookies were a huge hit.IMG_1783

We took a private behind-the-scenes tour and this wonderful woman walked backwards almost the whole time.  She was awesome.  We got to see baby sharks in their ‘purses’ getting ready to hatch, turtles in outdoor tanks, dolphins and more.  Daeton is sitting by the turtles as the come up out of the water and flap their fins.  It was neat to see them so close.  You can see dolphins behind me.  They were curious to see what we were doing so kept swimming close by to watch us.IMG_1789


This was underneath the ‘dinner with Shamu.’  We didn’t get a picture with Shamu behind us but a sweet employee offered to take a few pictures so that I can be in them as well.   We stayed here a while, resting in the shade, and Shamu eventually came and swam by quiet a few times.


We had Dinner With Shamu and it was fabulous.  This is the only picture of all five of us so I bought it.  Price was decent too.IMG_1863

All in all we spent about 8+ hours at Sea World.  At times the kids were grumbling and fighting but they also had a wonderful time.  Besides the two tours photographed the kids and my sister also went on another tour, seeing the dophins and feeding them squid.  We had tickets for a different show but we got lost going from the hotel to Sea World and made it too late.  The employees helped us figure it out and switched tour and credited the money for the missed tour.  Unfortunately there was only room for four.  So I went to the Turtle Reef while I was waiting for them. 
Sisterly love.  I love taking vacations with my sister.  There is a good balance with splitting up to do some things and swapping kids, or all five of us hanging out.  She took the kids to a show while I stood over an hour in line for food.  Sucked for me but at least the kids weren’t standing there bored. When Daeton was tired she took her son and Kaela and I went to the car and let Daeton rest.  It all worked out.
This was a great trip.  The kids loved it.  Saw some animals they have never seen and we brought home some great memories.
I can’t wait to go back to Sea World.
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Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation. If a giveaway is being held: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks.

Family Fun- Hurricane Harbor Water Park

I scored three tickets for Hurricane Harbor (water park owned by Magic Mountain).

Three tickets (for myself and both kids) are on sale on HH’s website for $29.99 each and I got the three tickets for $40! WOOT WOOT!

Seeing how hot it is right now in California- this will be a great day!

The kids have never been to a water park and it has been way over 20 years since I have been.
It should be a fun day. I’m hoping for no crowds and lots of giggles. It scares me that I have to keep an eye on both kids by myself but since they are older it won’t be as crazy.

Knott’s Berry Farm Fun

Last week we went to Knott’s Berry Farm with my brother’s family. Someone I know from my kids track and field was selling tickets for $10 each (adult or child) but they expired 12/30/11. We bought enough for all of us and went the following week.

Parking was about $16 per car but we split the cost.

I hadn’t been to Knott’s since 5th grade. I went on a school field trip, with my class. There was three cars of people (parents driving) and two arrived and we were waiting for the third one and were allowed to explore the ‘outside the park gift shops.’ Well, a while passed and I noticed the other kids with me were gone. Long story but they had ALL gone inside without me and I was locked outside the park until about 10 or 11pm, waiting for them. I do not know why I didn’t call my dad, probably because the place was 1 1/2 hours away, but I walked around, from the entrance to the cars (to make sure they were there) the whole day and night. I had no money on me for food and the park’s intercom system worked two areas 1- outside the park and 2- inside the park. So when I was having them try to locate my teacher and everyone else, they never heard it… and they never did a head check and noticed I was missing!

Finally, when the park was closing they call came outside to leave and saw me. I was trying not to cry and trying to

speak and started choking on my gum and I remember the teacher saying that ‘this was nothing to cry about’ and to quit it.

and… we all went home. I never got a refund. Not sure my parents ever knew about it. I never got an apology. It was just kind of unspoken in the classroom.

So….. almost 30 years later…I was back at Knott’s again. I finally got to experience the fun of it all and (barely) remember things from the last time I’d been INSIDE there, a few years before.

Daeton won’t go on any scary rides (he hates loosing his equilibrium, doesn’t even like swing sets much) and Kaela went on a few with my brother or his wife that she wouldn’t have been able to go on alone or with me (since I couldn’t leave Daeton to stand outside of a line alone) so it was great to have extra people there.

When everyone else was in line for the Ferris Wheel Daeton and I bought a GIANT pretzel and ate some, and shared with everyone else when they caught up with us. Normal soft pretzels were $5 and this huge on was $10 and all 7 of us shared it.

We, grungly, dragged the kids to the Merry-Go-‘Round, aka, carousel, and they LOVED it! Of, course.

I can’t seem to get my words lined up right with the photos but the pictures of the horses coming down the street was a free ride we could go on but we never found it.

I laughed when I took a picture of the batman guy sitting on the bench. He even had bat ears on his hoodie. I need to see if I can find one of those!

The seven of us split a $27 family value pack meal at once of the places inside the park and were all full. It has tacos, burritos, rice, beans and a soda. Not bad considering how high most food items are inside the amusement parks.

Kaela bought a ‘Hello Kitty’ bow that was a headband. It lights up and has a button to change the frequency of the flashes *yes cute but super annoying.*

The kids did Bumper Cars and I watched. I did not want to be hit in them, since stuff like that hurts my neck (I had surgery on it a few years ago and have a titanium plate in my neck where I had a slipped disc).

Daeton wanted to do the ‘shooting gallery’ in the midway and, surprising, he did GREAT… I guess all the time he plays with his air-soft gun has payed off. It was an unmanned booth, we inserted $1 bill in a slot for a ton of rounds on the gun, so there were no prizes, but he sure did great.

Since it was right before Christmas the trees and buildings were all lit up. We also saw ‘Snoopy on Ice’ and it was cute with some EXCELLENT ice skaters.

In the ‘craft section’ at the end of the park we saw a man painting people’s names with animals and other shapes painted inside each letter. He was amazing and the kids were mesmerized.

For myself I bought a ‘your name on a grain of rice’ necklace.

I had them put Daeton’s name on one side and Kaela’s name on the other. The capsule that it is in is glass and I don’t want to break it so I hung it from my rear-view mirror in my car.

All in all, we had a great day, barely spent any money, had only one melt-down, towards the end, and I’m glad we went.

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