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One Hen microfinance for kids

Here is another great clickschooling. The kids enjoyed the story and games!

Age Range: 4-104

This website offers free lessons and activities about
microfinance for kids (and their families) – and much more!
Microfinance is the practice of providing financial tools,
education, and loans to those people living in poverty. The
website is a companion to the popular children’s book called
“One Hen” that tells the story (inspired by true events) of a
boy from Ghana, Africa named Kojo, who receives a small loan
and buys a hen. It leads to a series of events that improves
the lives of many.

When you get to the website you can learn the story of Kojo
and watch a video about the inspiring life of Kwabena Darko
(the real Kojo). (Turn your speakers on to hear narration and
African music.) Then, explore the menu that includes:

*For Parents – Get an explanation of microfinance and learn
about organizations that can help finance small loans to
entrepreneurial individuals and families around the world. Not
only that, but if you click on “Kids As Social Entrepreneurs”
within this section, you’ll discover how your child (age 12
and up) can apply to receive a $1000 grant along with guidance
to start a business that will benefit your community.

*For Teachers and Librarians – Get free lesson plans and
activities (in downloadable pdf format) that explore themes
such as world geography, community service, life cycles,
natural resources, global citizenship, African culture, math,
economics, and business. There is also an online quiz –
although you’d need to read the book to be able to answer the
questions. Of course, you can purchase the book at the site
(via – you can also request it at your local
library. Note: Many of the activities here do not require you
to have read the book, although doing so would add meaningful

This website’s information and activities provides children
and their families with food for thought and action. It brings
up great family discussion topics like poverty, charity,
responsibility, business, finance, community development, and
how to help the poor and disenfranchised in a sustainable way.

The concept of lending money to people in developing countries
who have no collateral and no access to conventional banking
is a real conversation starter. For example, did you know that
in 2006 Muhammad Yunus, a Bangledeshi economist who pioneered
microloan banking, won the Nobel Peace Prize? You can learn
more about him and other people and organizations who are
making a difference by exploring this website.

Diane Flynn Keith
for ClickSchooling

Sea Life Aquarium Legoland San Diego California

This is soooo cool! I wish it was closer. Just the gas would be a killer right now. There is a brand new aquarium that just opened. Legoland owns it. Not sure if it is at the exact same location or just right by it but Legoland is in San Diego County.

The grand opening was today.

I looked at the website and it is neat, fun and educational. I played 3 of the 6 games on the ‘fun and games section’. Wasn’t too thrilled to be a bird pooping on politicians but I’m sure the kids would love it. Collecting plastic grocery bags and other trash on the ocean floor while avoiding sharks was fun too. Website mentions endangered animals, WWF and seems very well rounded.

I emailed them asking if they plan to have a homeschooling day like the Aquarium of the Pacific does or if not what the rate would be for a large group.


We did not do much, again, today. Went to too many garage sales today and found nothing good. A few I could not even find. The kids were with their dad for a few hours then we went to ‘Sunday School’ at church. Our church, The Church of Rocky Peak, has two Sunday services and both have a kiash that offers donuts, muffins, smoothies and other drinks. At the Saturday night service this is not available but the children get to have pizza during snack time! A great way for me to not made dinner! LOL! Daeton still has his cough but it WAS almost gone. I think the cold air tickled it and he was coughing most of the drive home after church. Probably didn’t help that he is overtired and that the three of us raced to the car, running in the cold air.

Tomorrow we have a field trip/tour of the Simi Waste Treatment Plant. Someone I know from college works there and is going to give us a private tour. Should be weird, gross, smelly and interesting. Not sure what the kids will think. My mom said she went there with an environmental class in college and she really enjoyed it. I’ll post how it went. If it seems interesting enough I can organize a field trip that is open to the homeschool community.

Homeschooling fun for Valentine’s Day

Well, I had great plans for Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d cut red paper hearts and sprinkle them all over Little D and Baby K’s floors. I’d lead a trail to the kitchen table where their presents were. They’d wake up to the smell of pancakes and eggs, Valentine-style….. what is the saying? ‘The best laid plans often fail.’

Well, Little D has a cold. It started with a cough and stuffy nose but he tossed and turned all night long last night. He was coughing in his sleep (with a bedtime cold medicine in him) and the coughing kept waking him up. He even woke up in the middle of the night to ASK for medicine. This is huge because he HATES taking medicine. So, I got nothing done. I spent the whole night patting his back, covering him up each time he kicked off the blanket and was then cold, and sleeping beside him.

So, this morning, NOTHING was done for Valentine’s Day. 🙁

I did make a nice breakfast. We had pancakes (I tried to make them heart shape but it didn’t work) and eggs. I added red food coloring to both so we had pink pancakes and red eggs. I made waffles as back up too and all of those were eaten as well as the pancakes. The kids were not too keen on the red eggs.

Since Little D is sick I let them rest in bed (Baby K is also getting over a cold but it was a small one). They watched The Neverending Story. I LOVE that movie! LOL! They both enjoyed it too! (thanks to my mom and Mark that let us borrow the movie).

I set out the candy and Valentine things on the table in their place settings and when the movie was over they saw that it had all ‘appeared’! They were actually a little disappointed. They thought they’d get presents and toys for Valentine’s Day and Little D was asking for Legos! So, we talked about Valentine’s Day and it’s meaning.

We did not get much bookwork done. It was not worth the effort with them both sick. But while Little D played a Clue Finder game on the computer (new game that says it is 2nd grade level) Baby K and I made chocolate chocolate chip cookies from scratch.

While they were cooking Baby K played a math game on the computer that was really cute. It showed three grandfather clocks and a digital time at the bottom and she had to click on the correct analog time on the one of the clocks. When she got it correct a little mouse ran out and and ate a piece of cheese left where she had clicked at. She didn’t even realize it was ‘work’ she was having too much fun giggling as the mouse turned into a triangle shape when it ate the cheese! (this link was from mathwizard. I’ll find the link and post it later).

For lunch I made grilled cheese sandwiches and I grilled them in the waffle maker. This was a complete accident (waffle and sandwich maker look the same from the outside) but the kids loved it! Same sandwich, new look!

Frugal tip for kids that love books

I KNOW the cost of new books is expensive. A children’s book at a local bookstore is usually about $3-5 for a cheap, soft-back book. A few things I do to avoid bookstores; Buy books at garage sales instead. Most books are sold for a price range of 5 cents to 50 cents a book (but usually about 25 cents). Go to your local library and find brand new books!!! I’ll tell you how. Magazines geared for parents of young children often have a book-of-the-month section. There might be a few books for each age group or a certain theme or genre to the monthly selection but they are usually brand new books that have just been published. Tear out these pages and find the books at your library. We have been the very first to check out a book several times. To save time order the books online. This might not work in all areas but in Ventura County a person can log on to the Ventura County library system and search and pick out books and have them ‘pulled’. In a few days they will receive a notice by email or mail saying the books are in. (this is the part I love). The books are at the front desk waiting! Walk in, show them the library card, they put them in the computer and walk out. Very quick and easy. The best things is that the books are not only from the library in our city but from libraries all over the county and they are all at our city library to pick up. When we are done with the books we drop them off at our library and the library takes care of returning them to all the other libraries. Unless there is a book I REALLY want I do not use book gift cards that I am given as a gift either. I NEVER make it out of there paying only the amount that is on the card. Especially if both children are with me. So, I keep the gift card and use it next time I need to give someone a gift. Everyone in my family is a pro at re-gifting.