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15 reasons I hate DayLight Savings

15 reasons I hate Daylight Savings

It is that time of year.  Daylight Savings.  With everyone losing an hour of sleep guess coffee shops can be happy about the increase in sales, right?  Well, maybe not the employees that have to get up an hour earlier on Monday for work.  Why do we still celebrate this holiday?

Daylight savings started in the 1960’s.  It was first introduced by the Germans, to save coal during the war.  A long time prior to that it was suggested by Benjamin Franklin back in 1784.  But most of the U.S. does not use coal or are agricultural families.  Here’s my list of why I wish we’d abolish the holiday.

daylight savings


  1. Hard when you have a child that takes medication at a specific time.
  2. Kids aren’t tired in eve/don’t want to wake up in morning.
  3. Takes family a week to adjust.
  4. Should be on a Friday!
  5. It is overrated & unnecessary.
  6. Not all states or countries do it.
  7. It’s old and outdated and no longer needed. It won’t be long. The push to end it is getting stronger.
  8. Doesn’t actually save energy
  9. It is a hassle to change all the clocks in the house and car.
  10. It isn’t “longer light” – the sun rises and sets the same.
  11. We are no longer ‘farmer societies’ for the most part and we do not need this to adhere to planting season.
  12. Greater risk of work injuries.
  13. Increased amount of car accidents.
  14. Higher percentage of heart attacks and suicides.  YES, changing our clocks causes that much stress on at-risk people.
  15. It doesn’t help anyone.  In reality it damages retail and affects the stock market in a negative way.

Please add more to the list!  What do you hate about Daylight Savings?


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Underneath It All I AM! #BehindTheBlogger

Underneath It All I AM!

I am a lot.  My ‘title’ has so many names.  Debbie, Deborah, mom, woman, owner, blogger, parent, writer.  Even ‘that lady’ or ‘their mom.’  Doctor apts call out my last name, often pronouncing it completely wrong.  You think they’d learn.  Customers randomly hear me incorrectly and think I say ‘Betty’ instead of ‘Debbie.’  Makes me laugh.  But underneath it all.  Who am I?


I looked up those three words.  Underneath It All

I decided to cut/paste the results and try to go with the flow and answer each, as a mini prompt.


2013-01-24 16.19.37
1. Underneath it all we’re just savages, hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages.

I have to disagree with this one.  I’m an optimistic person.  I believe the best in people and I’m very trusting.  Yes, I think there is a beast in all of us but it is on a short leash. I think most of us are good because we want to be, not because of laws requiring us to do so.

2. There are times when everything comes rushing back like a 50-foot wave and there’s nothing I can do to not be drowned underneath it all.

Yes!  100%.  Dead on.  Life is hard and sometimes just overwhelming.  I’ve been a single parent almost 12 years.  Never ending battle of court fights with ex. Doing everything 100% on my own.  Kids help with chores but majority of house, bills, grocery shopping, etc. is all on me.  I worry about being behind if I ever get really sick and can’t work or about having major household repairs that cost thousands or more.  Paying for college for the kids.  Not too long for them to be able to drive too.  Not everything but a LOT of stresses are about money, or lack of.  I don’t care to be rich but I need a better nest to be ahead.

road sign

3. Underneath it all massive transformation is at hand.

YES!  Daily.  Weekly.  I’m always trying to do more, improve more.  This is with my health, household, finding more efficient ways to live and get by.  This should be like a large road sign.

4. You Want Me!

This one made me laugh.  While I like dating someone and being in a relationship I hate the beginning of dating.  Getting to know someone, fitting schedules, figuring out if they are worth dating.  Sometimes being single is easier.  I do believe there is someone out there for everyone.  Just not sure I want to currently invest the time finding them.

Mosquito Alaska Road Sign


5 & 6.  You Are Lonely!     You Are Lovely!

Such completely different words.  Different statements.  Yet only one letter difference.  Much to ponder on finding both of these.  I’m sometimes lonely but find being with friends is more awesome than spending time on random meaningless dates and spending time with my kids is priceless.  I don’t have too many years until they’ll be out on their own.  Lovely isn’t a word I hear much.  Pretty, beautiful, sexy- YES.  Not lovely.  I think the word lovely has a more personal, deeper meaning, describing a person on the inside and out.  I think I’m going to try to use it more often.

7. I act as everything’s fine, but underneath it all I’m screaming.

Not always but it does happen.  I think most parents go to bed at night feeling like they failed.  I know I did.  All the ‘if only-ies’ catch up and circle my brain.

If only:

I had more time.

I had more patiences.

I complimented them more.

I was a more strict parent.

Made healthier meals.


But each morning is a new day and a new chance to start over again.

8. Race shouldn’t be an issue. Still got one mind and heart underneath it all.

Having mixed-race children is awesome and hard and not always understood.  My son has been called a nigger.  My daughter has been told, “That is your mom?  You don’t look like her!”  Adults have asked me if they are adopted or if I’m babysitting.  I wish our society wasn’t so narrow minded and just accepted them as they are and didn’t have to guess or ask or insult.  In the end, does the color of one’s skin really matter?

2016-01-21 13.27.27 HDR

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23 Spring Garden Ideas For Beginners

Spring Garden Tips & Tricks

I have always loved gardening and enjoy passing what I’d learned on to others.  I don’t know everything but I enjoy being in the gardening regardless if it planting flowers and vegetables, weeding or just watering the yard.  Gardening is great for many of reasons.  It is therapeutic, you can plant flowers to add beauty to your yard, you can plant fruits and vegetables to have the reward of a harvest (this is rewarding for kids too), the ability to eat organic foods more affordable and have it as fresh as possible.  While gardening comes easy for some, others don’t have quite a ‘green thumb’ and need to learn by reading and experience.  Check out these awesome tips and tricks to get your spring garden ready so that you have a fabulous yard this summer.

You can also check out some pictures of my garden here!  I just planted about 50 new plants!


Spring Garden

Get outside and dig in!

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Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation. If a giveaway is being held: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks.

Locked Out Of Knott’s Berry Farm

Locked Out Of Knott’s Berry Farm

Someone recently posted on Facebook, asking if anyone around here had childhood memories of school field trips. This brought back memories of me being locked out of Knott’s Berry Farm when I was about ten years old.

In 5th grade my teacher organized a field trip for our class.  It was about 15-20 children and 3-4 adults, including her. The parents volunteers drove their own cars and we all squeezed in.  When we got there there was two (or three) carloads that arrived but we were still waiting on the last group of people.  We were allowed to explore the outside-the-park gift shops while we waited and kept checking back in with our teacher.  About 30-45 minutes passed and they still hadn’t arrived.


Where Did Everyone Go?

Next time I try to check with teacher I realized everyone is gone. Completely.  I spend HOURS wandering from the gift shops to the front gate, to the parking lot (to check and see if the cars are still there) and back to the front again.  I had the park call for my teacher over and over on the intercom and she never replied.  They told her later that the inside-the-park intercom system is separate from the outside-the-park intercom system so they never heard the calls.
I’m not sure why I didn’t call my parents.  We were not close to home.  Knott’s Berry Farm is about 1 1/2 hours away but I was locked out side for about 10 hours. None of the park employees did anything to help not called a manager, police, my parents.  I just kept wandering around and making sure the cars were still there.  I don’t even think I had any food this whole time.
This was about 30 years ago, so pre-pagers and cell phones.  I could have called home on a payphone but never did.
About 10pm my teacher and all of the other children came walking out of the entrance.  I was trying not to cry and started choking on my gum.  My teacher yelled at me for crying, saying it was uncalled for, and said she’d assumed I was with another parent, in the split-up groups, the whole time and she never knew I was missing.  Now, as an adult, I can’t imagine what was going on in her head.  Maybe she yelled at me for crying to cover up her mess-up and all that could have gone wrong.  Not one adult knew I was missing the entire time.  Imagine.  In 5th grade and missing for about 12 hours and my teacher, responsible for me, never noticed.
Well, we all got into the cars and went home.  It was never mentioned at school.  I’m not sure my parents ever knew.  She never gave me a refund for my ticket.
The next time I remember going to Knott’s Berry Farm was in 2011, with my children.  And, yes, I kept a very close eye on them the entire time.

My kids’ first time at Knott’s Berry Farm