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Why Is Bedtime So Important For Your Kids?

Why Is Bedtime So Important For Your Kids?

Parents all over the world know the stress of trying to put their kids to bed. It’s the same routine every night, the clock hits their bedtime, and you tell them it’s time to go to sleep. There are at least ten minutes of complaining and pleading until they eventually give up and move. Then, it’s a very slow walk to the bathroom followed by the slowest teeth brushing you’ve ever seen as they keep speaking midway through and asking if they can stay up. There’s even more pleading, then they finally end up in bed nearly an hour after you asked them.

That’s on a good day, some days it can be even worse, and there’s kicking and screaming, and it’s a real pain. The stress of putting young kids to bed can be a real problem, particularly for single parents who have no additional help. It leads you to think, what’s the point? Why don’t you just let your kids go to bed whenever?

Well, that’s where this post comes into play. Today, I want to talk to you about the importance of bedtime for your kids and why you need to keep plugging away and putting them to sleep on time, every day.



Your Children Get More Sleep

The primary importance of bedtime is to ensure your kids get as much sleep as possible. Children use up a lot of energy, and they need to sleep for at least eight hours to fully recharge and not be tired again the next day. With a bedtime, you give them a specific time to go to bed, meaning they have a better chance of getting the sleep they need. So, they wake up every day and are full of energy once more. There are probably times where you wish your child didn’t have so much energy! However, it’s important that they’re like this as they need to have energy for school or nursery. A tired child is not a great thing.

Your Children’s Bodies Become Tuned InTo A Schedule

When you send your kids to bed at the same time every day, their bodies start getting accustomed to that schedule. Their body clock knows when bedtime is approaching, and they start getting more tired and will be ready to sleep at around about the same time every night. Does this mean they’ll be happy and compliant when you put them to bed? No, it won’t! But it will mean they’ll fall asleep quickly when they’re finally tucked away. If you let them sleep whenever they want, their body clock will be all over the place.

Your Children Develop When They’re Asleep

Finally, bedtime is important as it helps your children develop. As I mentioned, a proper and strict bedtime puts your kids to sleep at the same time every night. While they sleep, their brain develops, and their body develops too. They grow more if they sleep more, and they’ll be more attentive and observant with a full night of sleep behind them. The best way to ensure they get that sleep is to give them their bedtime and stick to it every day.

Now that you’ve seen why bedtime is important, it’s only fair to help you out by providing some advice. Below, you will see some short advice on how you can make bedtime easier for you, and get your kids asleep a lot quicker.

Make Their Bed Comfy

The easiest thing you can do is make your kids bed really comfy. Give them thick duvets and big pillows like the ones on the Plumeria Bay website. Make sure their mattress is nice and comfy too, so they can’t wait to get into bed. They’ll be eager to jump in bed and just melt away into their sheets. They’ll be more relaxed, and will fall asleep so quickly.

Fake Their Bedtime

Another great tip is to fake their bedtime. Have a time in your head when you want them to be asleep, and then tell them their bedtime is earlier. So, when they kick up a fuss, you can act all nice and say okay, ten more minutes! Your child will be happy and think they’ve secured a win as they get to stay up for longer. Then, when the extra time is up, they’ll be far more compliant. But, they didn’t really win, you just got them ready for bed earlier than you intended. It’s a sneaky move, but it works.

By doing just these two things, you will find bedtime a lot easier to manage. Now, you get to see the benefits a nice long sleep has on your child. Plus, it gives you some time to relax before you go to bed too.

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