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Bang Flat Chicken Recipe

chicken recipeBang Flat Chicken Recipe

Mealtimes can seem like a bit of a chore.  Especially when you have an army of hungry children pestering you from the moment they come home from school, right up until you place their food on the table.  Little fingers tend to nibble at your ingredients and suddenly you find yourself with kids, the dog and the cat all under your feet.  So, it’s time to stop all the fuss and get something quick, delicious and different into your culinary repertoire.

Chicken is a brilliant meat.  One that is popular with most children because of its gentle taste.  Whilst pork, beef and lamb are all fabulous features of cracking meals, they can have a little too much depth to please fussy eaters.  This is probably why the supermarkets are full of chicken.  You would think will all that consumer demand they could supply free range or organic chicken at a more affordable price, however it appears we are still paying through the nose for this popular meat.  

So, it’s pretty important we find exciting ways of serving it that also make a breast go a little further.  You know what? We have found the perfect recipe and there is no way your children are going to get bored of it.  It is also going to cost you around $1.75 a serving so is a fantastically frugal meal.  Once you have read the recipe, get some more ideas from How to Save Money: Top 102 Money Saving Tips & Ideas!

Ok, the name of this dish alone sounds cool.  Bang Flat Chicken.

It’s called bang flat because that is exactly what you do.

The basics of this recipe are really simple.  You will need 4 chicken breasts, an egg, some polenta maize (or breadcrumbs) and salt and pepper.  That’s it.

Start by placing a chicken breast on a piece of clingfilm, fold it back so the chicken is sandwiched in the middle,  You don’t want it tight.  Then you simply bang the chicken, a rolling pin is ideal for this however you can use anything you like!.  Once you have flattened the breasts to around 1cm thick, 2 if you prefer.  Then you need to crack an egg into a bowl, whisk with a fork and sprinkle your polenta onto a plate.  Add salt and pepper to the dry mixture.  We recommend polenta as it gives an even more delicious crunch.  Then you take your chicken, dip it into the egg, cover it in polenta and that is it.

In a hot pan, fry the chicken for 5 mins each side and that is it.

You can serve this in so many different ways.  With wraps and spicy sauce.  Cut into fingers with a salad and dips.  With vegetables and fries.  It is also absolutely delicious cold, drizzled with lemon and eaten in as a lunch box snack.  There are so many choices.  Get creative and the whole family will fall in love with your Bang Flat Chicken.


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