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Back To School Gift Guide

School’s Back In Session….


Awesome list of wants and must-haves for back to school shopping from little kids to teens.


You know that song, ‘Schools Out For Summer…’  Yeah, well, I have that in my head but reverse.  School is about to start and for my homeschooling family that means having snacks for lunches when kids have enrichment classes, down time activities lots of educational learning and some added in hands-on fun.  From new school supplies to fancy new shoes, back to school is the perfect time to find great deals.

back to school gift guide

Backpacks are usually a MUST HAVE.  Check out this list of 100 Backpacks Under $25 on Amazon for great choices at super prices.  Most pens, pencils, colored pencils can be purchased on Amazon or your local office supply store.  But what about everything else for lunch boxes to down time entertainment?  Check out this list for awesome ideas.


Cape Cod Potato Chips are delicious and crunchy kettle cooked chips in all sorts of flavors.  The Salt and Vinegar is my favorite.  I also love how the bags have ingredients I recognize.  The Sea Salt chips have only 3 ingredients.  They are gluten-free, have no preservatives and are cooked in 100% canola oil.  The snack-sized bags are perfect for school lunch boxes or homeschool field trips.



  • Sea Salt.
  • Seat Salt & Vinegar.
  • Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper.
  • Buffalo Cheddar.

cape cod chips

Naturally Bare.

These are a variety of ‘chips’ everyone will love.  With BARE (pun intended) basic ingredients.  Great for kids with food allergies.  Fantastic tasting. The Honey Coconut Chips have these ingredients: coconut, can sugar, honey and sea salt.  So, they are like chips, but are really dried out coconut.  No potato products.  They are also gluten-free, zero trans fat, no oil added, no cholesterol, no preservatives and are a good source of fiber.

Guess the ingredients of the Fiji & Red Apple Chips!  … Apples!  That is it.  Just one ingredient.  Crazy, but they have absolutely amazing flavor too.  The chips come with three main bases.  bananas, coconut and apple.

Product List:

  • Fuji & Red Apple Chips.
  • Honey Coconut Chips.
  • Cinnamon Banana Chips (only 2 ingredients, bananas and cinnamon).
  • Granny Smith Apple Chips.
  • Cinnamon Apple Chips.
  • Simply Banana Chips.
  • Cocoa Banana Chips.
  • Chocolate Coconut Chips.
  • Sweet & Heat Coconut Chips.
  • Toasted Coconut Chips.


naturally bare Absolutely Delicious Bare Snacksnaturally bare



Books For Kids & Adults

Adult coloring books are a huge crazy.  Here are a few new ones that kids and adults can enjoy.

Remembrances.  By Leah Palm.

This book has stories the author has, from when she was a child.  Owning a turtle, adventures on a Schwinn bike, paper dolls and life on the farm in the 1940’s & 1950’s. Each picture has a story explaining it.  Some fun memories of Leah Palm.



Let’s Color Together.  By Margaret Peat.  A shareable coloring book for parents and kids.  I’ve never seen a book like this and totally love it.  You flip the book open and face the pages towards each of you.  One side, for the child, has a picture to color.  The other side, for the adult, has the same picture but it has more details.  Great way to have some time to hang out and chat while coloring.  This would be good for a younger-older sibling duo too.

Gandhi For Kids. His Life and Ideas.  By Ellen Mahoney.

This isn’t a coloring book but it is an activity and learning book.  Kids can read on their own or with help about Gandhi and his life.  Projects kids can do vary from Making a Meditation Mat to Evaporating Salt.  There is 21 activities in all and they are hands-on art that help kids remember what they learned and enjoy it.


Duct Tape Bags. By Richela Fabian Morgan.

The duct tape craze has  been around a while.  I know- my daughter has about 40 rolls of duct tape in all different colors and patterns.  Most she learned from a friend or online.  This book has a lot of ideas we never knew or didn’t know how to do.  40 projects in all.  Tote bags, clutches, messenger bags, bowlers and more.  All the pictures are in full color and the instructions are very easy to follow.  Can’t wait to see what she creates next.  This book is great for after school clubs, down time at home or weekend fun with a group of friends.  This is a brand new book that just released this month.



Health & Body Care


With kids going back to school there is a high chance of them catching colds and the flu.  Besides not wanting them sick, we also don’t want them to miss out on school and sports.  Making sure they have a good balance and are staying healthy, getting plenty of sleep and eating right is important.  Here are few more ideas to help.


Genexa Organic Medicine.

These are all organic and GMO-free.  Genexa has medicine for colds and flu plus allergy, calming aid, sleep problems and stress.  They are all chewable tablets in flavors like acai berry, grape and vanilla.  Some, like the Flu Fix, is adult-aged dosages.  The Cold Crush for kids is for kids ages 3+ and there is a Cold Crush for adults too.  All of Genexa products FDA approved and lactose-free.  They are even distributed in Southern California.  Getting sick kids healthy and feeling well is important and time is of the essence.  With proper care kids should be able to recover quickly and be back in the game in no time.

2016-07-27 22.26.25 Cold Crush Organic Cold & Cough Medicine.genexa cold crush


Kodophilus Plus Probiotics Formula For Children.

Once kids are feeling better it is important to balance their body back, including their gut.  Probiotics help give kids good digestive enzymes in their gut to feel good and be in good health.  Kidophilus Plus by Zahler has over 10 billion live and active CFUs and come in a great berry flavor chewable tablet.  They add friendly bacteria that helps maintain a balance of healthy micorflora in the intestines.

Zahler kidophilus plus probiotic




If kids are riding bikes or skateboards to school you want to make sure they are safe and seen by cars.  Especially if they are at school after classes for sports or other activities.  Third Kind lighting has a revolutionary light that can be attached to the bottom of a skateboard or on a bike and it lights up, making an awesome path of 7 colors that can be seen up to a mile away.  Not only is Third Kind lighting cool, it has also saved some lives by cars seeing the lights and stopping.  Making riders visible at night can help prevent tragedies for skaters.  You can check out their awesome video for more details.   While Third Kind lighting was invented and first put on skateboards they are not limited to that.  You can also put them on bikes, scooters, hoverboards, even surfboards.

2016-07-27 22.25.17






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