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Photos from Back to Bethlehem 12/06

Girls making pottery.

Girls were selling wreaths. The saw my digital camera and called it a ‘lighting maker’ and I told them if they hugged and smiled that I’d draw their picture. So, I took a picture and then put the photo on ‘view’ and they pretended to be memorized that they were in two places at once.

Baby K getting her ‘sandals repaired for one coin’. She really enjoyed this! It was cute!

The Romans harassing a man telling people to not give money to Caesar. Little D LOVED this but last year it scared Baby K. It Looks like they are punching the man and Baby K didn’t realize it was all pretend. Not nice at all and too violent for me but stuff like this, and worse, did happen and still does, right? His children raised 50 shekels to give to the Romans so that he could be freed.

A Rabbi in his school quizzing the children on the bible.

Little D in the petting area, petting some goats and sheep. It was cute that Baby K pointed out (without jealously) that Little D is great with animals.

Little D with a donkey just outside the manger. Last year they had a camel too and they usually do. I asked and where it was and someone told me it was down the hill grazing. I asked if it would be here next weekend and they said (in time era-like dialect) that the camel-renting-business had rates that were too high this year so they had to walk on foot! 😉

Rocky Peak Church Back to Bethlehem

The Church at Rocky Peak is doing their annual live interactive Bethlehem. This is the church we attend but I never brought the children when they were smaller because it was late and is often cold. This is now our third year going and they LOVE it. On Saturday we went to church, planning to go to the Saturday evening service but they were doing a practice run with people welcome to stop in so we went. We are planning to go next weekend with some family members too.

So, here it is;

Experience the first Christmas at Back to Bethlehem.

More than a nativity scene
and not a play…

Travel back in time and interact with villagers in our outdoor re-creation of the town of Bethlehem. Participate with town merchants and craftsmen. Avoid the Roman centurions and tax collectors (Little D loves being chased by them and tries to antagonize them). See for yourself an overworked innkeeper, excited shepherds, three mysterious travelers, angelic visitors and a young couple with a newborn baby. Back to Bethlehem is a Christmas event for the whole family!

Free admission!

Saturday and Sunday, December 13 &14 7-9pm.

Friday-Monday, December 19-22nd. 7-9pm.

22601 Santa Susana Pass Rd.
Chatsworth. 91311.
(818) 709-0113. (805) 522-5100.

Sunflowers growing in our front yard

Gardening is such a fun way to teach about plants and when seeds that are planted do well they are a great reward too.

A few months ago I was weeding and planting some seeds in the front and back yard (mostly vegetable seeds). Baby K was helping me and I when we were in the front I gave her some Giant Sunflower seeds to plant herself. She planted them too close together but obviously did it deep enough.

There are about 5-7 plants coming up. Mostly small, it is December, ya know, but one of them is growing about the rest and right now it is taller then Baby K.

I think these are suppose to get 10-12 feet tall so we will see! Right now she is amazed and very proud of herself too!



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Educational coloring pictures

This website has over 6400 pictures to choose from to print for children to learn and color on. Holidays, environment, geography, the presidents and other famous people, fairy tales, family and more. The ‘Act Now’ clip that I posted was from this site as well.

You can also sign up for the ‘coloring picture of the day’. I printed a Topographic Map to show Little D tomorrow!