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15 reasons I hate DayLight Savings

15 reasons I hate Daylight Savings

It is that time of year.  Daylight Savings.  With everyone losing an hour of sleep guess coffee shops can be happy about the increase in sales, right?  Well, maybe not the employees that have to get up an hour earlier on Monday for work.  Why do we still celebrate this holiday?

Daylight savings started in the 1960’s.  It was first introduced by the Germans, to save coal during the war.  A long time prior to that it was suggested by Benjamin Franklin back in 1784.  But most of the U.S. does not use coal or are agricultural families.  Here’s my list of why I wish we’d abolish the holiday.

daylight savings


  1. Hard when you have a child that takes medication at a specific time.
  2. Kids aren’t tired in eve/don’t want to wake up in morning.
  3. Takes family a week to adjust.
  4. Should be on a Friday!
  5. It is overrated & unnecessary.
  6. Not all states or countries do it.
  7. It’s old and outdated and no longer needed. It won’t be long. The push to end it is getting stronger.
  8. Doesn’t actually save energy
  9. It is a hassle to change all the clocks in the house and car.
  10. It isn’t “longer light” – the sun rises and sets the same.
  11. We are no longer ‘farmer societies’ for the most part and we do not need this to adhere to planting season.
  12. Greater risk of work injuries.
  13. Increased amount of car accidents.
  14. Higher percentage of heart attacks and suicides.  YES, changing our clocks causes that much stress on at-risk people.
  15. It doesn’t help anyone.  In reality it damages retail and affects the stock market in a negative way.

Please add more to the list!  What do you hate about Daylight Savings?


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