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10 Ways to Make $100 This Month

10 Ways to Make $100 This Month

10 ways to make money this month for anyone that has been behind.  Saving money and having a nest egg isn’t always easy.  There are a lot of us living paycheck to paycheck, or month to month.  Getting hit with an unexpected bill can throw us, and our finances, off kilter.  Maybe your car broke down and you need an expensive repair.  You have an emergency vet bill.  Sometimes people spend more than expected at Christmas and then in January are behind.  Here are a few tips I’ve used to make $100, or more, from home or nearby.  Not all of these tips will work for everyone.  But if you are desperate you have to try everything.

10 Ways to Make $100 This Month

Easy Ways to Make Money

  1. Fire your gardener.  Find a cheap, used lawnmower and edger and do it yourself.  Have your kids help.  Added bonus- it is good exercise.  My gardener was $75 a month.  That really adds up!
  2. Create a drought-scape yard.  I removed all my grass and put in woodchips.  Besides not needing to mow my lawn, I’m also saving about $40 a month on my water bill.  You can always plant a garden with your extra space and save money by growing your own Organic Plants and vegetables.
  3. Drive for Uber or Lyft.  How much you make depends on where you live and the hours you put in.  I’ve met a few people doing 4-hour shifts and making an extra $300-400 a week.
  4. Sell your old cell phones.  If you have upgraded your cell phone, tablet or iPad you can sell your old ones and get decent money back.
  5. Sell used textbooks online.  I have sold some of mine for $50-200 each!
  6. Sell your hair.  If you have long hair you can find places that will buy it and use it to make weaves and wigs.
  7. Sell things you don’t need.  Gifts you received, expensive clothing you never wear. Jewelry you don’t want. You can sell on Craig’s List, in local Facebook selling groups and Facebook has a brand new MarketPlace.
  8. If you like to draw or color you can sell your artwork on RedBubble and make money via online sales.  My daughter signed up for this and has so far sold some stickers of a violin she drew.  Join the Redbubble affiliate program and earn money when your friends sign up too.
  9. Have a garage sale.  Get rid of clothing your kids have outgrown, stuff pilling up in the closets and in the garage and get rid of it.  You’ll be decluttering and making money.  I have a garage sale every year the first Saturday after Christmas and I usually make about $800!  No one ever has a garage sale on this day so I get all the customers from cities all around me.
  10. Teach a trade!  Can you sew, knit, crochet, cook?  Do fancy nail art? Get creative.  Offer classes to locals and make some money.  Average rate you can charge is $10-15 per class.  Get a few students and offer once-a-week classes and the money adds up.

If you are behind on your bills due to a big emergency you can try Modest Needs too.  It isn’t an easy application but they help give people money. I know someone that had one house payment paid and another person that had an $1100 dental bill paid.  They have some guidelines but are a great organization helping others get on their feet.



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