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11 Tips For Having A Happy Puppy

 11 Tips For Having A Happy Puppy

Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own. #RememberBeyond
purina dry dog food

 We just got a border collie that is about 6-months-old. Einstein is a very smart dog (hence the name) but was never taught anything. She doesn’t know her name. Does not know how to walk on a leash. Does not know how to sit. So we have been trying to teacher her all of this.  Having a loving, happy puppy means applies in many ways.  We want her healthy and well fed with nutritious food.  We want her to know dog commands so that she is obedient and welcome around friends and family.  We definitely do not want to worry about her jumping on people (especially seniors or little kids), taking food from the table, running off if a door is open, biting, etc.  We have started to train her with basic commands.  Down (to not jump on people) and sit are the first ones.  We took her to the vet and she got a clean bill of health.  As for her diet, we are feeding her Purina Beyond dry dog food.  She likes the Beyond Salmon Egg and Pumpkin Natural Recipe Superfood Blend very much and I like that the balanced diet the dog food provides.  It has real fish in it and fish is the #1 ingredient.  Plus no corn, wheat or soy products.  I like that every bad has safety sourced ingredients too.

healthy dog food

Have An Obedient Dog

  1. A dog that is well behaved is welcome around more often and not locked outside or in a kennel.  Make sure you research this.  Go to a dog training class.  Search YouTube tutorials from respectable sources.
  2. Five essential commands are: Sit, Come, Down, Stay and Leave it.  The last one could apply to other dogs, you coming across a snake on a trail, a squirrel in a tree, etc.
  3. Social your dog.  Once your dog has rabies shots you should bring it around other dogs.  Go to the park, dog park, on walks and other places dogs are welcome.  Teach your dog to get along with other dogs.
    healthy dog food

    Health & Exercise

  4. Get your dog a good leash and collar and go for daily walks.  My sister gets too tired before her dog so taught him to run next to her while she rides her bike.  Different breeds have a variety of energy levels and you will have to see how much exercise is good for your dog.  Not only is exercise good for weight management but it is great for a dog to get outside stimulation so it is not bored.
  5. Feed your dog a healthy balanced diet.  Purina Beyond dry dog food has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  6. Limit dog treats to being a small part of rewards.  You can also tell your dog ‘good girl’ or show affection with petting and hugs.
  7. With warmer weather make sure your dog is not too hot.  In California temperatures can get over 110 for a few days in a row.  This is too hot for a dog to be outside in the sun.  We got Einstein a dog bed and kennel in the shade plus her water bowl has an automatic refill.  We can have the groomers trim her to keep her hair a little shorter too so she does not overheat.
  8. Do not give dogs table scraps. You don’t want them taking food from people, dogs are allergic to some people foods and it is not made for their diet.
    healthy dog food

    Toys, Tricks & Brain Exercises
  9. Rotate toys so your dog doesn’t get bored.
  10. Teach your dog new tricks.  There are endless ones and not only is this good brain exercise for your dog, it is great when you have company over and your dog knows adorable commandments like, ‘Count to three’ or ‘play dead.’
  11. Go for car rides. Dogs love to put their head out the window and take in all the scenery and smells.Purina Beyond dry dog food is available at Ralphs and right now you are print a $3 digital coupon. Available until 6/29/17. You can try the Beyond Salmon Egg and Pumpkin Natural Recipe Superfood Blend or some of the other Purina Beyond choices.  There are many reasons I feed Einstein Purina Beyond.  I really think it is the best choice for a healthy, well balanced diet for my dog.
    purina dog food coupon
    Einstein loves going camping and on hikes too.  Her she is with Mr. Pickles.  I love having a happy puppy and and she makes the whole family smile.






Disclosure: I received one or more products for review purposes only. Despite the free item, my opinions remain 100% Honest and my own.This post may contain affiliate links, if clicked I may receive compensation. If a giveaway is being held: No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Odds of winning are based on number of entries received. Giveaways on this blog are in no way affiliated with Facebook or any other social media networks.

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One Response to 11 Tips For Having A Happy Puppy

  • I love the tip to rotate toys- they tend to just become clutter here- I think our dog gets overwhelmed! #client

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